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Charlie Bougas
Oct 23, 2014

Wedding Prices and Costs in Boston

How Should I Prepare My Wedding Budget?

How much will it cost to have the perfect Boston wedding and reception?

That’s a question that’s on just about every Boston couple’s mind.

What do your wedding costs really mean, though, and how do you know if you are getting a great value or just spending money where you shouldn’t have to? Why do weddings cost what they cost? Can you cut corners and still have an enjoyable experience?

We don’t keep the answers to these kinds of questions a secret. We are very open with our wedding clients and want them to understand everything that goes into their wedding plans, including the price.

According to Boston Magazine, there are just under 5,000 weddings in Boston per year, with the average wedding in Boston costing $39,239. (This, of course, is not an indicator of our prices, necessarily.)

Let’s break down what might be included in that average cost for the average Boston wedding and then explain where some of those prices might come from (because it’s not all food and wait staff…some places actually charge a lot of money for things like day-of coordination. Learn how to fight the hidden fees—or avoid them completely—when you work with a caterer who doesn’t have those, like BG!).

Your Boston Engagement!

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! You are about to start planning one of the most wonderful moments in your life.

When you first begin searching through wedding ideas, themes, vendors, caterers and planners, it can be overwhelming.

We want to help you through your wedding planning and budgeting. This is because there are so many components that need to happen that many couples don’t realize simply because this is their first time planning an event of this caliber.

The last thing any wedding planning partner wants its couples to think is, Wow, I did not think it would be this price, or What in the world is this charge for?

Let’s learn about some of the most common elements of a wedding.

Understanding a Wedding Reception and Catering Proposal

What costs does a typical wedding include? What do we have to pay for?

The list can be long or short, though most Boston couples land somewhere in the middle. These weddings tend to include:

  • Cocktail hour with passed or stationary hors d’oeuvres
  • Hosted beer and wine bar for the entire evening
  • Champagne toast
  • First course
  • Entrée (plated, family-style or event food stations)
  • Coffee, decaf and tea service
  • Wedding cake
  • Standard linen, china service and flatware
  • Table and bar glassware
  • On-site culinary staff to cook at venue
  • Full wait and bar staff
  • Event coordinator and event manager to execute wedding and reception details
  • Day-of coordination

Working with BG for Boston Weddings Means Value

Now, how does BG charge for weddings? While we are very competitive in price for Boston weddings, there are many areas in which we feel there should not be a charge. This is one of the places we are able to translate value to our couples. You will often find in other proposals (from other catering companies) several charges that are complimentary in ours.

BG’s Gratuitous Wedding Services

  • Administration fees
  • Gratuity fees
  • Cake cutting fees
  • Tableside wine service fees
  • Corkage fees
  • Day-of coordination fees

Being an all-inclusive caterer is certainly a strength that translated to savings for our couples. We are able to provide well-trained staff, one of the best food production teams in Boston, on-site prepared and cooked food and completely customized wedding menus, bars, lighting, set ups and more at a price with which many caterers cannot compete. Why? Because we are all-inclusive, have strong vendor relationships and work efficiently without over-inflating our pricing.

Making the Decision About Your Boston Wedding Caterer

Ultimately, you will want to talk with several potential partners before delving into your wedding plans. The more you research and talk with others, the more you will learn about this entire process, and the more prepared you will want to be to read a wedding catering proposal. When you are fully educated and versed in what these fees and costs might mean, you will be able to compare your options apples-to-apples and come to the perfect decision!

Bonus Boston Wedding Planning Advice

One thing we ALWAYS recommend to potential clients is looking through your top partner options’ wedding photos. Can you envision working with the team that helped put on these spectacular weddings? If so, give them a call!

BG’s Boston Weddings Menus, Venues, Photos and More:

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