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Baylee Goldstein
Dec 9, 2014

Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Flowers are an intricate and important part of wedding decorations. When planning your wedding decorations, it is important to keep in mind which flowers are in season and which flowers go best with your intended theme. Luckily, all seasonal flowers come in many varieties and colors, providing you with plenty of options for your wedding flower selections.

Spring Wedding Flowers

spring flower guide

Spring is known for flowers, which means you will have a plethora of options from which to choose. Try to select floral combinations that are naturally occurring during the spring timeframe, and use bright or pastel color combinations.

These flowers are in season during the spring and perfect for your spring wedding flowers:

  • Anemones
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Calla Lilies
  • Carnations
  • Daffodils
  • Hydrangeas
  • Volkenfrieden Delphinium
  • Aranda Orchids
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Alstroemeria
  • Forsythia
  • Cherry Blossoms

These colors are great for your spring wedding flower arrangements:

  • Cream
  • Light pink
  • Yellow
  • Peach
  • Lavender
  • White
  • Pinks
  • Violet
  • Greens

Summer Wedding Flowers

summer flower guide

Summer is a time for outdoor celebrations, and the warm weather, bright sunshine and exciting flavors will only be enhanced by summer wedding arrangements. Summer wedding flowers should be vibrant and seasonal.

Utilize any of these in your summer wedding bouquet:

  • Veronica Flowers
  • Billy Balls
  • Roses
  • Peruvian Lilies
  • Paradise Parrot Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Calla Lilies
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Dahlia Flowers
  • Gardenias
  • Gerber Daisies
  • Anthurium Tropical Flowers
  • Aster Flowers

These colors will be perfect for flowers in your summer wedding arrangements:

  • Bright hues
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pinks
  • Purples
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White

Autumn Wedding Flowers

autumn flower guide

The burnt colors of autumn and the changing of the seasons make fall weddings something to remember. Utilizing the hues of the season will help make the autumn wedding event come to life, bringing added autumnal elements to every nook and cranny of the event space.

These flowers are in season during the fall and perfect for autumn wedding events:

  • Sunflowers
  • Chocolate Sunflowers
  • Craspedia Billy Balls
  • Roses
  • Curly Willow Branch
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Lace Flowers
  • Aster Flowers
  • Million Star Baby’s Breath
  • Carnations
  • Ring of Fire Sunflowers
  • Autumn Greens
  • Snowberry Flowers
  • Hydrangea
  • Hanging Amaranthus
  • Orchids
  • Fall Terracotta Flowers
  • Mini Gerber Daisies

These colors will create perfect combinations in your fall wedding arrangements:

  • Browns
  • Golds
  • Oranges
  • Cream
  • Ivory
  • Orange-yellows
  • Reds
  • Dark greens

Winter Flowers

winter flower guide

With the snow comes months full of winter wonderland magic, and winter wedding flowers will help make the magic even more special. When creating your winter wedding bouquets, be sure to utilize combinations of all winter-specific color schemes. Take full advantage of what the snowy months before the spring thaw have to offer.

These flowers are in season during the winter months and will be perfect for a winter wedding flower arrangement:

  • Candy Cane Amaryllis
  • Gerber Daisies
  • Roses
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Carnations
  • Silver Million Star Baby’s Breath
  • Dendrobium Orchids
  • Lilies
  • Tinted Integrafolia Greenery
  • Hydrangeas
  • Amaryllis
  • Mini Calla Lillies
  • White Apricot Blossoms
  • Poinsettias
  • Silver Brunia Balls
  • Gardenias
  • Cymbidium Orchids

Use these colors when crafting your winter wedding bouquets:

  • Whites
  • Reds
  • Greens
  • Burgundy
  • Creams
  • Maroon
  • Silver
  • Deep pinks
  • Deep purples
  • Navy blue
  • Red-orange


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