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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
Oct 30, 2017

A Golden Wedding Venue: Waterworks Museum

With a plethora of beautiful Boston wedding venues, you may be surprised to find that each one offers a distinct experience and vibe. This provides our imaginative event planners with the perfect setting to match your vision. With an industrial feel complemented by natural vistas, one of our favorite spaces to host weddings is the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum.

Weddings at Waterworks Museum

Is this the Boston venue that will help bring your wedding dream to life? We would not be surprised. The late 19th-century building brings a “Golden Age” to weddings—guests enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience just like Bostonians did during a historic time of development.

A Top Boston Wedding Venue with an Industrial Atmosphere

Industrial Atmosphere

Where Beauty and History Meet, Inside and Out

At first glance, your guests may notice the striking brick exterior of this industrial-style building. But their gaze soon shifts to the natural beauty of the crystal blue waters of the Chestnut Hill reservoir. And because the large back doors open to fill the venue with fresh air, guests can enjoy the best of both worlds all at once.

Reflect this dynamic duo of industrial architecture and natural beauty in your wedding menu. We can make designing your custom menu filled with local and seasonal ingredients easy and affordable. And, of course, every dish will be inspired by your individual taste and presented in an artful way that fits in perfectly at the museum.

Space for Every Activity

Looking for a niche to set up a funky bar or relaxing lounge area? The round room is the perfect space for guests to gather. And what better way to relax than with some time apart from the kids? When they scurry off to the observatory room, you can enjoy a signature cocktail or tasty margarita with a unique bite fresh off our creative cocktail reception menu. Shanghai duck on wonton skins is a popular choice among Bostonian couples.

One of the great things about a venue with multiple rooms is the ability it gives you to break up your wedding into distinct parts. You can treat guests to a fine plated meal in the overlook room upstairs and then completely change the tone with a delicious margarita bar in the round room. It will be clear when it is time to relax, party and !ndulge in dessert.

Wedding Cocktail Hour

Insider tip: You can get married on the steps outside! The pictures will be as gorgeous as the moment itself.

Entertainment in Itself!

Just as your venue will provide entertainment, so too can your menu. The machines at the museum captivate guests while our chef-attended food stations make dining a fun experience. For a wedding with this industrial vibe, we recommend a carving station that features these gourmet entrées:

  • Roasted beef tenderloin: With choice of chipotle butter, red wine & caramelized shallot jus or wild mushroom sauce
  • Grilled rack of lamb: With mint and preserved lemon vinaigrette Nantucket sea scallops: With salsa verde and a sour cherry red onion salad
  • Grilled lobster tail: Poached in butter and grilled to perfection
  • Moroccan spice encrusted tunaCoated in spicy Moroccan spices and seared rare

Sparks Exploration and Imagination

Entice guests to keep exploring the museum by spreading out an array of food stations. Who could pass by a slider station with chicken and roasted corn, bean salsa, chipotle aioli and pulled pork sliders with root veggie slaw? Our planners can also show you how to use lighting to command the mood of each area to draw in guests. LED lights in a rainbow of colors might guide them to their next delicious bite.

Weddings at Waterworks

Whether you have visited before and dreamed of exploring with your friends and family or are just starting to envision the magic that the museum can bring to your wedding, we share your excitement about this unique wedding venue. Bring your style and our professional wedding services to this venue, and a very special experience awaits your guests.

To start planning your immaculate wedding at one of the premier Boston venues, give us a call at 617.581.1150 or contact us online.

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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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