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Baylee Goldstein
Oct 28, 2016

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Boston Wedding Unique

What do an unforgettable symphony and a top wedding have in common? Both draw you in and keep you engaged in an unforgettable experience from start to finish! Each successive act enchants guests and makes them wonder what will come next.

Working with a top Boston catering company can make your whole wedding planning process fun and stress-free. Our creative wedding planners are filled with innovative wedding ideas readily customized to match your personality and vision. Here are ten of their latest tips to help you plan an unforgettable wedding.

Unique Boston Wedding

10 Creative Wedding Ideas Just for You

1. Hide Reminders of Your Love

We know that even when you are apart, your partner is on your mind. So surprise them with a little message of love. The sole of your partner’s shoes is the perfect place to handwrite a meaningful note. As they get dressed in the morning, this sweet thought will settle their pre-wedding nerves.

2. Choose a Flexible and Incredible Wedding Venue

Of course, you will use a Boston venue finder to find a space that matches your wedding vision, guest count and desired location. But your Boston wedding venue should go much further than that—it should facilitate and add to all your creative wedding ideas. From spectacular vistas to modern amenities, the best caterers in Boston will connect you with exceptional wedding venues. And we encourage you to ask your Boston event planner about any restrictions and unique attributes the space provides.

Signature Cocktails

3. Incorporate Seasonal Flavors into Signature Cocktails

Our Boston wedding cocktail ideas are a great starting point for designing your custom drinks. Each is bursting with seasonal flavors and provides room to incorporate your unique taste. When you work with our dr!nk team, you can tweak each recipe right up to the garnishes. We are confident that together, we will design seasonal signature cocktails that your guests will love!

4. Honor Family with Adult “Flower Girls”

If children are not going to attend your wedding, you can still have “flower girls.” Grandmothers or aunts will be honored when you ask them to take on this role. This creative wedding idea is a great way to demonstrate how much you value family. Guests will be impressed and delighted by how you adapted this tradition to your wedding plans.

5. Welcome Guests with a Personal Note

There is so much to consider when designing wedding place settings—from type of food service to wedding décor. Designing guest tables can be overwhelming and feel like a master project or puzzle! Fortunately, our talented wedding planners help you bring all the aspects together seamlessly so you can think about how you will add your personal touch. Placement cards are a great way to surprise guests with handwritten and personalized notes. Writing messages like “Thanks Tom for flying all the way from Denver. You look dapper!” is a great DIY wedding project.

Seasonal Flowers

6. Decorate with Your Favorite Seasonal Flowers and Photos

There is no shortage of beautiful wedding flowers for every season, so work with an experienced florist to choose ones that have a special place in your heart. Maybe they remind you of a bouquet from your loved one—whatever the significance behind them, be sure to share it with guests. A fun way to do this is by framing engagement photos that feature the natural beauty of the season with a note on your flower choices.

Our creative wedding planners have wedding ideas for spring, summer, fall and winter. But, of course, none of them are complete without incorporating your individual style and wedding theme.

7. Add a Specialty Toast

You wouldn’t be standing under the altar with your loved one if it were not for the people who shaped who you are and what you look for in a partner. So take a moment to say a special toast to the men or women in your life who have influenced you the most. This may also be an opportunity to share a family story that includes many loved ones.

8. Select a Meaningful First Dance Song

One of the tips on our wedding reception checklist is to “choose a first dance song that matters to you and your soon-to-be-spouse (regardless of if it is fast or slow).” We can’t emphasize enough the importance of letting your personality come before any trends. Family and friends would much rather watch you dance to a meaningful song than their favorite music.

Wedding Appetizers and Small Bites

9. Custom Design Your Wedding Menu

We love working with couples to craft dishes that feature their favorite foods and flavors. All of our custom menus are filled with the freshest ingredients artfully prepared by talented chefs, so you are sure to treat guests from cocktail hour through dessert. If you have trouble narrowing down your options, remember that you can choose a variety of small bites and !ndulge mini desserts; our culinary artists will tie all your favorites together in a tasteful menu.

10. Uplight Your Personality

Choose a wedding color scheme that reflects your style and wedding vision, and then use uplighting to immerse guests in your personality. Lighting will have a big impact on your wedding, so use it to set the right tone for guests to enjoy all the other personal touches you add to your Boston wedding.

If you are ready to have fun planning your personalized wedding filled with innovative cuisine and creative ideas, contact our talented event planners online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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