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Kelsey Raymond
May 4, 2017

BG’s Top Picks for Entertaining Summer Event Venues in Boston

How beautiful is Boston in the summertime? From the bay to Fenway, the entire area is a real treat in the summer months. Summertime is also the height of the outdoor event season. The community comes to life with all types of memorable events, from elegant and modern weddings to sophisticated corporate gatherings and more.

We’ve put together a list of our top summer event venues in Boston. When it comes to entertaining, we have something for everyone and for every type of event you can conceive. Hopefully, our list here can bring some clarity to your planning process and help find the right venue for you.

The Waterworks Museum

The Waterworks Museum


The Waterworks Museum is located only about 10 minutes from the Chestnut Hill Mall. It is five minutes east of the Boston College football stadium and just south of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir off of Beacon St.


Built in 1887 to keep up with the city’s rapid growth and water needs, it houses enormous pumping engines that operated up until the 1970s. The site has since become a popular rustic wedding venue with ceremony sites on the outside steps or the interior. The industrial, blue-collar aura really complements its guests’ ambitions.

What makes the Waterworks Museum perfect for your summer event?

Summer events at the museum (and in particular, summer weddings) mean that guests and couples can enjoy the perk of getting married or taking pictures on the steps outside. The museum opens its large back doors to allow fresh air into the space and blend the indoor/outdoor aesthetics. Of course, the awe-inspiring view of the reservoir across the street makes for a gorgeous photographic backdrop.

Charles River Museum

Charles River Museum


The Charles River Museum is located just off the banks of the Charles River, south of Waltham City Hall down Elm Street.


The members of the Waltham community established the museum in 1980 to give a clearer historical account of the city’s rich, industrial blue-collar heritage. At a later date, the museum was renamed the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.

What makes the Charles River Museum perfect for your summer event?

Summer weddings at the museum are visually memorable for couples and guests because the setting seamlessly incorporates the river backdrop and greenway so well. When the weather is nice, a ceremony just off the banks is a truly beautiful site. The space can then be transitioned into a spirited cocktail hour spot where guests can celebrate!


9OFS Venue


Located in the heart of Boston’s financial district, 90FS is a 38-story office tower with tenants such as AON, J.P. Morgan and U.S. Bank.


The tower was completed in 1976, exuding modernity and sophistication at its finest. It features a rentable area of 1,118,355 square feet and a below-grade, two-story parking garage.

What makes 90FS perfect for your summer event?

90FS excels as a summer venue because of its spatial versatility and visual aesthetic. The interior includes amazing glass windows and conference areas that set the stage for an elegant dinner party or corporate fundraiser. There is also a newly renovated open air garden with a reflection pool that overlooks the Boston skyline. Wedding ceremonies have included outdoor bars, lounge areas and dance floors with guest seating inside. The lighting and view of the surrounding towers is one of the most uniquely breathtaking visual effects of any Boston area venue we know. If you’re looking to achieve an unparalleled feeling of sophistication and class, 90FS is absolutely your venue of choice.

Boston Society of Architects (BSA)

Boston Society of Architects


The Boston Society of Architects is located literally right off the water, just south of the harborwalk and on Congress St. heading west over the bridge past the Tea Party Museum.


Established in 1867, the BSA is committed to showcasing and amplifying great design and architectural appreciation throughout the Boston community.

What makes BSA perfect for your summer event?

is venue has plenty of room for guests to move around and create a fun, food-loving atmosphere for any event. It’s a very sociable setting that—with its adjacency to the water—provides a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos or corporate functions. As a caterer, it’s a fantastic space for creativity to flourish. At select events, we’ve furnished the back areas with a pretzel station and complemented the front with hot pots and black cauldrons. BSA is a versatile event space that really brings out the best in our team.

There you have it—our top picks for summertime Boston event venues. Each of these four locations provides a special setting for the kind of wedding, corporate event or social gathering you’re dreaming of throwing this summer. But it doesn’t stop there. Our expert planners and catering team have furnished several event spaces around our beautiful community in new and inventive ways each time. We love the opportunity to make memories at each of these spaces and certainly look forward to doing it for you. Give us a call at 617.581.1150 or contact us online to start planning your amazing Boston summertime event.

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