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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
Jul 9, 2014

The Best Class Reunion and Party Ideas

Class reunions are a great way to catch up with old friends, relive old memories and enjoy a night of fun experiences with people you have known for many, many years.  Whether your class reunion celebrates five years or fifty, the tips we have compiled below will make certain that your class reunion will be one for the ages.

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Class Reunion Decorating Ideas

When decorating for your class reunion, utilizing your school colors is an absolute must.  The following items should incorporate your school spirit, colors, mascot and motto as much as possible.

  • Custom tablecloths, napkins, plastic ware, plates, drinking glasses, etc.
  • Wall Art—Incorporate items like old school photos, class photos, school pennants, sports memorabilia, class year banners, school motto banners, school logos, etc.
  • Balloon Arches—Balloons should be hung in the shape of an arch, alternating school colors for effect.
  • Centerpieces—Flowers in school colors are a good option for center displays.
  • Inflated Helium Balloons—These should be placed around the venue to keep school spirit alive.
  • Confetti—It comes in many shapes and sizes, some of which include graduation-shaped confetti, school colors, etc. and would be perfect for decorating tables throughout the event space.
  • Mascot–Try to get your old mascot in on the fun!

MIT open decor

Class Reunion Party Games and Activities

All class reunion parties and class reunion events need entertainment like party games and activities.  Break the ice after all of those years—or pick up right where you left off—with some of these class reunion party game and activity ideas.

  • Photo Slideshow—Have everyone who is planning on attending (and even those who cannot be there) send in scanned copies of their favorite photographed memories from school.  Combine them digitally into a slideshow and have that slideshow projected onto one of the walls at the class reunion event.
  • Pin the Glasses on the Teacher—Find a picture of everyone’s favorite instructor from the graduation year and play “pin the glasses on the teacher” (the same way you would play “pin the tail on the donkey,” blindfolded, spun around and pushed in the general direction of the photo).
  • A Year In History—Make a list of all of the significant school, local, national and worldwide news that occurred during the graduation year being celebrated so that everyone in attendance can recall the most momentous of newsworthy occasions.
  • Imitations—Guests use imitation (because it is the sincerest form of flattery, after all) to mimic teachers, instructors, principals, deans, coaches and more, with the rest of the guests trying to guess who they are pretending to be.
  • Guess the Top 10—Have your class reunion party guests guess the top 10 movies, television programs, singers, bands or other entertainment-based options from the graduation year, and hand out prizes to the most successful guess lists.
  • Comparing Yearbooks—Many people had their yearbooks signed in school, and many of them still keep them today.  If you can find people that still have their yearbooks handy, have them bring those books along to compare and share old signatures, old hopes and dreams and plenty of old memories.
  • Song to Artist—Using only bands popular during the class reunion’s graduation year, make a list of songs and artists and scramble them.  Have each guest attempt to match the song titles to the appropriate artists.
  • Graduation Karaoke—Sing songs popular during the graduation class’ era.
  • New Class Photo—A great way to remember the event, having a new “class photo” taken will be a great way to commemorate the night and see how much you all have changed.

Guests at Awards Night

Class Reunion Party Favors

Party favors are perfect for helping guests remember any event, and, to stand out from all the rest, your class reunion party favors need to be unique and exciting at the same time.  Try some of these unique and school spirit-filled class reunion party favors that will be just that.

  • Alumni Items—It is very easy to get your hands on true “alumni” gear from any school, including bumper stickers, stickers, pens, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, hats, ball caps, folders, notebooks and more.  Ordering one alumni item per guest would be a great way to not only commemorate the reunion, but also give each attendee something that allows them to celebrate their time in school.
  • Monogrammed Items—Plenty of gift companies offer monogrammed items that are perfect for personalization.  These items, like wine glasses, beer glasses, tea light holders, candle holders, mugs, magnets and more can be inscribed with the school name, school logo, reunion year and/or graduation year to help each of your guests celebrate long after the class reunion party is over.
  • Class Photo Items—A unique way to remember the “good ol’ days,” this idea utilizes old class photos, copies them and uses them as coatings and coverings for everyday items.  Wrap and glue them around pencil holders, put them in picture frames, shrink them down and turn them into magnets or find some other creative use, and turn everyday items into class reunion party memorabilia in a heartbeat.
  • Flat-Backed Logo Marbles—Marbles can be purchased at any craft store.  Purchase plenty of flat-backed marbles, print out pages of size-appropriate school logos and secure them to the backs of the marbles to create unique paperweights and decorative items.
  • Bookmarks and Key Chains—Monogrammed or printed bookmarks and key chains are useful everyday items that can be personalized, allowing users to remember the fun they had at their class reunion party for years and years to come.

guests at a corporate holiday event in Boston

Class Reunion Menu Options

You have a variety of choices when it comes to menu and dining style for your class reunion party.  Speak with your caterer to decide what would be most appropriate for your event, selecting from a variety of food service options based on your venue, the formality of your reunion, your guests and your budget.  Here are some ideas:

  • Self-serve buffet
  • Family-style table service
  • Formal dinner service
  • Tea, coffee and desserts
  • Cocktail reception with bar and hand-passed hors d’oeuvres
  • Brunch
  • Chef-action station for interactive menus

Tablescape at MIT ALC Awards Night

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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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