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Denise DeSimone
Mar 10, 2016

8 Table Setting Ideas to Inspire Your Boston Event

Every corporate or social event needs a distinguishing factor. You can set your party apart by choosing one of Boston’s top venues, an unconventional theme or one of our innovative menus. But we also encourage you to consider something much simpler—a stylish table setting.

Yes, we know, it’s probably not the first thing on your mind when planning a party. But think about it. Guests can spend up to an hour at the table eating dinner and even more time mingling and relaxing there. That’s why it’s important to make their dining ambiance memorable.

Inspiring Table Settings

We designed eight table settings that fit into four style categories. As you skim through, you might find a particular style that speaks to you. If not, you can mix and match details to get the exact table setting you want.

Romantic, Hipster Table Settings

The Ultimate Vintage Look

This eclectic table setting pairs vintage china with brushed gold flatware, lace overlay and the pantone colors of blue and pink. Every piece in this set is different, yet it feels cohesive. It needs nothing more than a simple floral arrangement.

The Ultimate Vintage Table Setting Look

Caught in a Daydream

One of our absolute favorite styles, this lovely pairing is whimsical and fabulous. The lush champagne satin accented with a deep, vivid blue is fit for a queen. Add a dash of gilded baroque flatware and a charming petal taffeta tablecloth to bring home the love affair.

Whimsical and Fabulous Table Setting

Outdoorsy Table Settings

Garden Love

Here we see intricate tableware and a simple color palette. The romantic flower arrangement used as a runner-style centerpiece pairs with the green hammered glass charger plate. The ivory damask tablecloth is just perfect with textured blush napkins. Final details include the white china with embossed detail, vintage flatware and fluted stemware. What a fresh style for a summer party in your Boston backyard!

Garden, Outdoorsy Table Setting Wedding

Cool Autumn Air

This table setting has linens with traditional deep red and yellow resembling fallen leaves. A bouquet of bold colored roses could pair well with this simple, modern look. Our favorite features include the leaf-shaped charger and the matte black flatware. You will be eating in style.

Autumn/Fall Table Setting Wedding

Chic Contemporary Table Settings

Glimmering Gray

This masculine, modern look has clean lines and contemporary styling. Soft textures hold the slightest glint on an otherwise flat gray. Bold, saturated blues and greens in combination with a leather charger and brushed metal accents emphasize a defined style without extra frills. However, you can add the perfect touch to this table setting with one of our custom lighting techniques.

Masculine, Modern, Glimmery Gray Table Setting Wedding

Natural Elegance

The deep copper tones in this textured linen offer a cool look. But when paired with teal linen napkins, a mirrored charger and thin stemware, the look softens. We used a peacock feather in the floral arrangement to draw on the teal color palette. All of this alongside elegant hammered flatware makes this table setting just exquisite.

Natural Elegance Table Setting

Regal Table settings

Bold Colors and Patterns

The clear charger and dinner plate allow the colors in the linen to stand out. The gold accents and ornate flatware are elegant and will make guests feel like royalty! This table setting display is best on a “blank canvas,” where the rest of the room is neutral, to allow the color and patterns to set the overall tone. Finally, we love the simple floral arrangements and the dessert holders that can hold a decadent item from our !ndulge menu. The salted caramel cupcake is to die for!

Bold Colors and Patterns Table Setting Wedding

Metallic Trends

Bring a regal and distinguished air to your event with vibrant purples and luxurious gold accents. Ornately sculpted glassware and intricate details finish the look.

Metallic Table Setting Trends Wedding

The options for table settings at your next party in Boston are endless. We’d be honored to share more ideas with you to make your vision a reality.

If you want a catering company who demonstrates flawless planning at an unequaled value, we may be the one for you! To have us customize your next event, contact us online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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