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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
Jan 28, 2016

Take a Walk Through a Top Boston Bar Mitzvah

We had so much fun welcoming more than 100 guests to this traditional bar mitzvah at a beautiful Brookline synagogue. Having overcome some unexpected challenges, our Boston catering team and simcha specialists are especially proud of how this May 2014 celebration came together.

Take a look at how we honored Jewish traditions and family values in a wonderful series of events filled with delicious food, memorable ceremonies and plenty of fun.

Filling a Boston Bar Mitzvah with Jewish Tradition

When you compare Boston catering companies for your big event, you are probably looking for one that can handle everything from lighting to dining. This ensures that your event flows flawlessly. Working closely with the client to understand her vision, we planned a fun and meaningful series of events. 

Friday Night Candelabras Lighting and Persian Cuisine

Friday Night Candelabras Lighting

The celebration of becoming a man began with an elegant Friday evening dinner. Guests were greeted by a stunning display of candles among deep mossy greens.  The traditional lighting of candelabras and blessings on wine and challah led up to a wonderful Persian dinner.

Guests started their meal with perfectly seared salmon with pomegranate essence on mesclun salad with pomegranate dressing.  We then served a family-style dinner, featuring these flavorful Persian dishes:

  • Khoresh sabzi
  • Chicken roulade: with cumin zereshk-scented rice stuffing and lemon sauce
  • Shirin polov
  • Basmati rice with saffron

As guests dined and celebrated, we wanted their focus to remain on the traditions, company and fine food around them. That is why we kept the décor simple yet dramatic. Inside the tent by BC Tent & Awning, colorful LED uplighting added a dramatic effect to a primarily white color scheme.

Boston Bar Mitzvah Decor

We also made sure that the Boston bar mitzvah venue was thoughtfully set up so that the event would run flawlessly and in line with Jewish tradition. For example, a washing station outside the tent provided guests the ability to conveniently wash before eating.

But we all know that it is attention to the smallest details that really brings an event together. From napkins bound with guests’ names to a menu that honors the mother’s love of food and her husband’s Persian heritage, we personalized the whole dining experience to this family. This commitment to Jewish traditions and family favorites also shined bright in the desserts, like Persian pistachio pareve ice cream, and drinks such as Persian cardamom tea.

Saturday Morning Kiddish

On Saturday morning, the entire community had the opportunity to join in the celebration and enjoy our fine cuisine. After the parents came down from the synagogue’s prayer service and the rabbi made a blessing over the wine, guests were invited to help themselves to some healthy and refreshing food at the kiddish.

The motif was designed with the mother’s love of crisp, clean lines and rich fabrics in mind. Among a joyful color scheme of white, green and blue, guests found these exceptionally prepared and plated fish:

  • Grilled salmon with pearl couscous salad, olives, grape tomatoes, cucumber and oregano dressing
  • Curry grilled halibut with heart of palm taboule

Grilled salmon with pearl couscous salad, olives, grape tomatoes, cucumber and oregano dressing

We also prepared these five salads, so everyone was sure to find something they love:

  • Faro salad with fresh corn, spring peas, basil and lemon vinaigrette
  • Saffron chickpeas with roasted tomatoes, cucumber, fennel, red onion and sherry vinegar
  • Mixed greens with sweetened cranberries, roasted almonds and balsamic vinaigrette
  • Sesame noodle salad
  • Fruit salad

Keeping in mind that kiddish would be open to the whole community, we came prepared with no shortage of desserts. In addition to 600 petite pastries inspired by our !indulge mini desserts, we designed a fun candy station. We also wanted to respect the environment and community impact, so we made a point to use biodegradable plating. Even the 400 cups of wine were biodegradable!

Sabbath Day Luncheon in Boston

At 2 p.m., close family and friends continued to treat themselves to our delicious food. In the tent, we set up a buffet-style lunch with open seating for adults. We wanted this meal to be family-style to encourage guests to mix and mingle. And what better way to enable parents to relax and socialize than by giving them a break from the kids? Candy jars designated the tables for kids, and they went straight to them!

In addition to having another chance at the drinks, salads and petite pastries that we featured at kiddish, guests found challah rolls, roasted turkey and chilled sliced London broil. Most people were pretty full from kiddish, but still, nobody could resist the lunch buffet!

sabbath day luncheon food

Saturday Night Melava Malka

Around 9 p.m., guests came downstairs in anticipation of a great meal. It was our challenge not to disappoint them while respecting that our chefs could not begin to cook until 8:58 pm. This is because it would be disrespectful for our professional chefs to perform their work on the Sabbath. With over 180 people to serve and customs to honor, we were more than up for the challenge! Despite rain and limited time to transform the bar mitzvah venue, we set up a captivating and satisfying Boston Bar mitzvah. We even put together a Harry Potter-themed tent just for the kids while adults enjoyed a more modern chic experience inside the synagogue.

Early in the evening, TV monitors and creative food displays enticed guests to try these fun foods:

  • Fried fish and chips in a bamboo cone
  • Sushi bar
  • Sushi “cocktail” of marinated salmon, avocado, soy glaze, jalapeno relish and sushi rice

saturday night melava malka sushi

We also set up a spectacular display of small plates and salads in cauldrons. Some crowd favorites were:

  • Chilled Thai noodle boxes
  • Blueberry green salad
  • Grecian quinoa
  • Toasted barley with shitake mushroom

With the expectation that the party would continue late into the night, we also planned interactive dessert stations. Guests had fun crafting their own ice cream sandwiches and torching s’mores. This fit in perfectly with the ambient lighting and faux fireplace designed to give the atmosphere of Hogwarts, honoring the son’s love of Harry Potter.

Of course, the bar was also a popular gathering spot throughout the evening. We always have sodas and waters available, but you can’t blame guests for having their fair share of the sangrias, mojitos, whiskey and Sam Adams!

We had a blast combining family and Jewish traditions with the passions and unique styles of individuals to create an extraordinary Boston bar mitzvah. From designing a custom menu to uplighting your bar, our innovative catering team takes the stress out of planning a bar mitzvah.

To share your bar mitzvah vision with our experienced event planners, contact us online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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