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Denise DeSimone
Jun 25, 2018

Rachel and Jeff’s Marvelous Wedding at Commander’s Mansion

Rachel and Jeff came to us with elegant wedding dreams, and we could not have agreed more that Commander’s Mansion was the perfect match for them. This grand mansion situated on seven acres of natural beauty with a modern pole tent on-site is captivating on its own. But it also welcomes couples’ personal touches. On Saturday, May 12, Rachel and Jeff’s friends and family arrived to find this historic Boston event venue personalized to exemplify their beautiful style.

Jeff and Rachel's Commander's Mansion Wedding

Take a walk through the custom menu, unique florals and memorable events that gave Rachel and Jeff’s 120 guests a magical wedding experience.

Flawless Execution of Rachel and Jeff’s Unique Wedding Vision

 A Serene Start & First Look

With a lovely bridal suite available at Commander’s Mansion, Rachel and Jeff decided to extend their celebration by arriving at 3:30pm—nearly two hours before their guests joined them. After their first look, they had ample time to relax and soak up some time together before guests arrived. As they looked around, they saw their personality shining through and were eager to bring it forward at their ceremony.

Commander's Mansion Wedding

Fresh Flowers Brightened a Touching Ceremony

Rachel and Jeff planned on a 5:30pm outdoor ceremony on the lush lawns and wanted the flowers used in this area to bring out its natural serenity. And our team was so excited to make this possible for them. From the boutonnieres to the bouquets, our in-house floral department put the finishing touches on their stunning ceremony. With ivory, white, light green and a touch of pink used throughout their linen and flower choices, these details accentuated their love without stealing the show.

Tented Wedding Ceremony at Commander's Mansion

Delicious Cocktail Hour

At 6pm when their cocktail hour kicked off and our staff circulated with drinks, Rachel and Jeff were eager for guests to enjoy their first sample of their custom menu designed to delight all the senses. With plenty of gluten-free menu items included and every dish artistically presented, they could rest assured that everyone’s mouths would be watering.

These scrumptious hors d’oeuvres were a real treat:

  • Bacon, tomato jam and muenster grilled cheese
  • Mini lobster roll: with mayonnaise and celery
  • Cheeseburger slider: with pickles and special sauce
  • Fried chicken and waffle: with chipotle maple and celery leaf
  • Sesame tuna: with avocado, pickled ginger, sushi rice and wasabi cream

Transition to an Immaculate Reception Space

At 7:15pm, our friendly staff invited guests to the seasonal tent to take a seat upon the Chivari chairs aligned by wooden farm tables. Long farm garland centerpieces completed the setup that had guests feeling right at home when the introductions, first dance and welcome toast commenced. Add in the charming atmosphere augmented by lanterns throughout and this modern tent was transformed into a magical reception space.

wooden farm tables wedding

Satisfying Dinner Service

Starting with a wonderful mixed greens salad with candied pecans, goat cheese and sundried cranberries, we treated guests to a fine plated dinner service. For the gluten-free and vegetarian guests, our talented chefs cooked up special salmon and polenta dishes. They also had kid-friendly meals for the little ones. But most guests enjoyed the following delectable items with Iggys rolls and butter:

  • Red wine glazed short rib
  • Caramelized shallot mashed potatoes
  • Pan roasted Brussels sprouts: with forest mushrooms
  • Pan roasted salmon: with sorrel sauce
  • Gnocchi: with yogurt, pine nuts, orange zest, sage thyme and extra virgin olive oil
  • Fire roasted asparagus

Elevated Party Atmosphere

Following speeches and the father daughter and mother son dances, the bride and groom thanked their guests and got ready to enjoy the big party. The music fired up and hot beverages rolled out. Guests enjoyed ice cream with various toppings or a slice of the simply beautiful classic stacked cake with buttercream frosting and basic fondant finish. With their choice of tea or micro roasted coffee, they thoroughly enjoyed these sweet treats.

beautiful classic stacked cake with buttercream frosting

Aided by late night snacks, guests’ energy remained high throughout the evening. Whether they grabbed a tasty bite from the trio of tater tots or snagged a slice of the tomato and basil flatbread, their taste buds were bursting and memories stacked up until the last song played at 11:25pm.

We had a blast helping Rachel and Jeff bring their wedding vision to life in unforgettable ways. If you would like innovative cuisine and professional service to back your wedding dreams as well, then contact our creative team online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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Denise DeSimone

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