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Denise DeSimone
Feb 3, 2017

Planning the Wedding of a Wedding Planner: An Inside Look

Ken and Bob's Wedding Party

It all boils down to trying to outdo myself… outdo everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

BG Events & Catering Executive Director Ken Barrett shares the mindset of any great wedding planner. They always want their next wedding—this wedding—to be their best ever. In their mind, they’re continually competing with past versions of themselves. They’re driven by creativity and the thrill of revealing new ways to share stories of love and family.

But this wasn’t just any wedding that Barrett was planning. This was his wedding. For someone like Barrett who has worked with BG Events and Catering to plan some of the most astounding and memorable wedding events in the Boston area, this was a distinct challenge because he was experiencing it from the first-person point of view of a client. This meant stepping back to some degree and relinquishing some of the situational “control” to which he is accustomed. It meant letting his fellow planners do their job and just being a groom.

For Barrett, this wasn’t difficult because he knows just how talented his team has proven to be.

BG Staff Setting Up Wedding
Darlene Devita Photography


Design and Venue

Barrett and his partner Bob knew they wanted a modern and clean look to their wedding. Being in Boston, they found the ideal spot at 9OFS—Boston’s premier private rooftop venue. 9OFS is quintessentially modern with several spaces that contribute to the flow of a party atmosphere and an outside space on the 9th floor encompassed by the towers of Boston’s financial district.

Wedding Table Settings and Decor 9OFS
Darlene Devita Photography

We are so fortunate to do amazing events for clients, and our team has unlimited creative capability… We are so creative everyday with our events and work collaboratively on design, (so) they knew my aesthetic,” he says.

9OFS Outdoor Area Wedding Dance Floor Boston
Darlene Devita Photography



The menu was all about showcasing essential Boston/New England cuisine while appealing to the worldwide contingency of their friends and guests. This meant seafood like oysters on the half shell, hot lobster rolls and crab cakes. It also included shrimp cocktail shooters and a four-course dinner with choices of beef tenderloin or lobster. But the creativity of the planning team didn’t stop there. The couple wanted to make the cocktail experience more interactive and participatory for their guests. The planners subsequently created a “cocktail architect” station to “design” their own adult beverages.

Oysters and Shrimp Station
Darlene Devita Photography

Lastly, their decadent and modern wedding cake-complete with a beautiful facade of orange circles and both giant and small rainbow decor initials that added a personal touch-brought it all together. The result was a fun menu that shared the story of Ken and Bob’s love.

Modern Orange Circle Cake with Initials
Darlene Devita Photography

We always tell couples that their wedding celebrations should be characteristic of how they entertain in their home. Honestly, Bob and I cook like this all the time for our friends, and they say, ‘what is this or how do I eat this?’” Barrett explains.

Make-your-own Cocktails Station
Darlene Devita Photography


From the lobby to the terrace, music was everywhere at the Barrett-Sweet wedding. Guests arriving at 5:00 PM were greeted by two musicians filling the lobby with elegant sounds to set the tone of the evening. As they all proceeded upstairs, the musicians provided the backdrop to a beautiful ceremony. Later in the evening, they gave way to the DJ, who ramped up the energy on the dance floor.

Musicians Welcome Guests
Darlene Devita Photography

While Barrett took the liberty early on to inject his input into the planning process wherever he could and communicate his and his partner’s “must-haves,” the BG wedding planning team provided a distinct brand of love and support that gave Barrett the peace of mind to simply step back and enjoy this special night with the love of his life.

Barrett reflects on the entire experience with fondness and humility.

Grooms Enjoying Their Guests Wedding
Darlene Devita Photography

Emotions do take control on the day of. But we completed all of our details and tasks that we wanted to do… and never looked back. I was (just) a groom, and they treated us with such an endless amount of love and respect. Their attention to detail was outstanding. Our wedding planner and the producers went out of their way to add touches throughout the day that made us swoon. It was spectacular. They gave us the best day ever!


If you’re looking to plan your own exceptional wedding experience, contact us online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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Denise DeSimone

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