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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
Aug 15, 2013

Our Favorite Fresh Summer Recipe Ideas

The summer months are winding down.  You’ve probably hosted and attended your fair share of barbecues and other backyard party events by now, but that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten your fill of delicious summer recipes.  Instead of the typical hot dog and potato salad combination, spruce up your end-of-summer menu with one of these fresh summer recipes.

You don’t need a reason to try one of our 12 favorite summer recipes, but if you’re looking to host a gathering of a few friends and make the evening memorable, try combining these menu items as a prelude to an outdoor movie theater night!

Fresh Summer Salad Recipes

Thai and Watermelon Salad
This salad is a zesty combination of some of our favorite summer flavors, like mint, cilantro and lime, combined with the kick of Thai chilies and garlic and mixed with the amazing textures of fresh watermelon and grilled chicken breast.  It’s summer on a plate.

Grilled Caesar Salad
We weren’t sure Caesar salads could get much tastier, but then we tried this recipe.  This grilled salad uses the classic Caesar dressing plus a tangy vinaigrette on top of lightly grilled Romaine lettuce heads.

grilled Caesar salad

Green and Yellow Bean Salad
Our first non-lettuce salad, but that doesn’t mean this one isn’t as fresh and delicious as our other choices.  The wax and green beans in this creation get the oil and vinegar treatment before being topped with Greek salad favorites like tomatoes, basil and feta cheese.

Linguine with Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad
Ripe tomatoes, basil leaves and a few spices and dressings combine over cooked linguine for this simple take on the typical pasta salad.

Summer Veggie Recipes

Grilled Corn with Honey-Ginger BBQ Sauce
Sweet meets tangy when you combine honey and ginger into the perfect barbecue sauce.  And delicious meets delicious when you slather that sauce over your next ear of roasted corn on the cob.

Spanish-style Grilled Vegetables
These bell peppers, egg plants and zucchinis come sliced, grilled and covered in a breadcrumb picada.  They’ll disappear from your backyard BBQ fast, so make sure you put some on your plate before they’re all gone.

Grilled Pancetta-wrapped Asparagus
What’s a summer recipes list without an asparagus dish?  Fresh asparagus wrapped in thinly-sliced salty pancetta makes for the ultimate BBQ accompaniment.

Summer Protein Recipes

Grilled Chicken Wings
Now that the NFL preseason has started, it’s safe to combine our love of summer with our love of chicken wings.  These summer chicken wings are dressed in just two ingredients—soy sauce and Italian dressing—and for dipping, you’ll need an easy combination of more soy sauce, butter and hot pepper sauce.

Tequila Lime Chicken
This is one of the most savory summer chicken recipes out there.  Tequila lime chicken.  Orange juice, lime juice and tequila (of course) lead the marinating process.  There are a few kicks in the recipes, too, like garlic, chili powder, black pepper and jalapeno peppers.

Grilled Filet Steak and Arugula
Lemon juice, mustard, baby arugula and Parmesan cheese turn the typical filet mignon steak into a fresh, flavorful summer entrée that you and your guests will eat right up.

Grilled Chicken for Summer

Double Cheeseburgers—L.A.-style
Double cheeseburgers are normally delicious all on their own, but when you add some Asian influence, the two-patties, onions, lettuce and mayo are joined by ingredients like toasted sesame seeds and shiso leaves for a delicious twist.

Summer Dessert

Peach Lattice Top Pie
This lattice-top pie isn’t just any summer recipe; it’s the summer recipe!  It takes one of the season’s most delicious fruits and turns it into an iconic dessert fit for any occasion.

Fresh Summer Dessert

Want to learn about a few more creative menu ideas?  We’ve got plenty to share.  Like these delicious !ndulgent treats and this delightful cocktail reception menu.



Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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