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Denise DeSimone
Feb 17, 2016

Dan & Bob’s NYE Wedding Bash

We were so excited to hear about Dan and Bob’s vision: an intimate Boston wedding on New Year’s Eve. We knew an elaborate custom wedding menu would be a central feature. But we were also prepared for the challenge of adding elements of surprise and New Year’s Eve activities to this immaculate Boston wedding.

Check out how we created a New Year’s Eve extravaganza for Dan and Bob’s 131 guests.

A Spectacular New Year’s Eve Wedding in Boston

Dan and Bob wanted to plan a winter wedding filled with surprises and delectable options—two of our specialties!A Spectacular New Year’s Eve Wedding in Boston

An Intimate Boston Wedding Venue

Dan and Bob hoped to share their special day in a venue that would feel like a grand version of their Dedham home. Their goal was to create a charming atmosphere that allowed guests to celebrate and feel their joy and passion for life. We could not have dreamed of a more perfect location than the Endicott Estate.

This antique mansion situated on 15 acres of lush greens and manicured lawns is stunning in its own right. But to add a bit of New Year’s bling to this big celebration, we used the finest vintage purple and ivory décor. Some final touches and personalization like the gold sequin runners, and we were sure the couple of honor would begin to feel like royalty.

The touching wedding ceremony at the Endicott Estate glowed with timeless beauty. The elegant Endicott Estate proved to be the most idyllic backdrop for this couple’s love and family and friends’ support to shine bright. We will never forget Dan and Bob listening to their loved ones sharing stories about them as they proudly stood in front of the hand-carved fireplace.

New Years Wedding at Endicott Estate

Unique Wedding Menu Ideas

Dan and Bob wanted a lavish array of food and drinks to arrive in waves from cocktail hour to the New Year.

Fun with Custom Drinks

At 7:30 pm, guests arrived and enjoyed three of the most unique signature cocktails from our dr!nk department. Our drink experts worked with Dan and Bob to craft these truly spectacular drinks at one of our mixology evenings. And based on guests’ reactions, they were indeed a big hit.

Dan and Bob also stocked the bar with the most impressive wedding drinks. To deliver these tasty drinks with plenty of style, we brought in all types of glasses. From pilsner to highball and martini, guests were delighted by the amazing presentation of these drinks:

  • Wines: rose, red, white, sparkling
  • Beers: Sam Adams Seasonal, Harpoon IPA, Bud Light, Heineken Light
  • Hard liquor: vodka, rum, gin, scotch, bourbon/whiskey

A Lavish Cocktail Hour

As soon as the ceremony wrapped up, so began the cocktail hour filled with jazz music and delicious appetizers. In addition to an antipasto station with an array of the finest cheeses and small bites like prosciutto di parma and parmiggiano reggiano, guests had trouble passing up any of these passed hors d’oeuvres:

  • Grilled beef tenderloin on herb potato cake with horseradish aioli
  • Mini crab cake with roasted red pepper aioli and arugula
  • Lemongrass chicken lettuce wrap with scallion ponzu dip
  • Coconut shrimp with spicy pineapple sauce
  • Mini sliders with eggplant parmesan, mozzarella and marinara
  • Butternut squash soup shooters with poached cranberry and mini fontina grilled cheese

Dan and Bob also knew that some guests would want a lighter start to the evening, so they added a seasonal crudité shooter with buttermilk basil sauce to the nosh vignette. Way to nail the 2016 wedding trend of healthy food before the New Year!

Extravagant Wedding Entrees

After the sons and mothers danced, music ramped up and food stations were open for business. Dan and Bob wanted a plentiful array of energizing food so guests could dance and celebrate all night long. The main vignette was a risotto table with braised short rib, heirloom vegetables, mushroom ragu and creamy risotto. Our chefs cooked the vegetables to be a bit softer, per Dan and Bob’s request.

Dancing at New Year Wedding at the Endicott Estate

Guests also raved about these rich and delicious short plates:

  • Ooey and Gooey Smoked Mac and Cheese: BG’s famous Vermont cheddar mac and cheese with crispy fried onion straws and applewood smoked bacon garnished with hickory smoked chicken. We added sautéed garlic broccoli to make this Dan and Bob’s dream macaroni and cheese.
  • Roasted Pork: punttanesca sauce, orzo pasta
  • Parmesan Encrusted Chicken: polenta, tomato brood

Sweet and Savory Late-Night Wedding Food

At 11:30 pm, Dan and Bob cut the custom designed wedding cake, and guests began to explore the spectacular desserts display. Many guests snagged an !ndulge mini dessert and good cup of coffee before the balloon wish ceremony at 11:40 pm. This was a truly memorable surprise event, complete with LED-lit balloons and guests writing well wishes before the grand release. With energy high, the slider station opened so guests could get a savory small bite before ringing in the New Year.

Sweet and Savory Late-Night Wedding Food Custom Wedding Cake

“Slider Alley” featured these creative late-night snacks:

  • Grilled Chicken Slider: crispy onions, pickles and buttermilk and basil sauce
  • Cheeseburger Slider: pickle, special sauce
  • Carolina Pulled Pork Slider: root vegetable slaw
  • Portobello Mushroom Slider
  • French Fry Cone with sauces

Ringing in the New Year and Wedding Memories

In the ten minutes before midnight, we handed out hats and horns as well as passed champagne. At 11:59 pm, the midnight countdown began, and the rest is history. After much dancing and dining, guests headed for home with New Year’s Eve party favors and amazing memories.

Ringing in the New Year at the Endicott Estate

Jamison Wexler did an incredible job capturing the joy in this Boston wedding. Her playful and unique twist on Dan and Bob’s wedding photos gave guests one last surprise after the wedding. Guests had fun reviewing the wedding photo albums filled with candid moments and behind-the-scenes pictures.

If you want to have creative and customized elements in your Boston wedding, contact our experienced catering team online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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