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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
Jan 22, 2016

Kosher Style Catering for Your Boston Bar Mitzvah

BG works closely with the top Boston bar mitzvah venues and vendors to ensure that your beautiful celebration honors the Jewish tradition. Kosher style cuisine coupled with the careful guidance of a simcha specialist offer an unparalleled value to the Jewish Boston community. Working with a catering company that coordinates everything from your bar mitzvah décor to rentals will save you time and money.

In this post, we share popular bar mitzvah menu and venue ideas to help you celebrate this important milestone with excitement and respect for Jewish traditions.

Symbolic Bar Mitzvah Food

This special meal celebrates a man or woman coming of age into greater responsibility. We can help you customize a kosher style bar mitzvah menu that suits your personal tastes and demonstrates your commitment to the Jewish traditions.

How to Design a Kosher style Bar Mitzvah Menu

Couple the finest drinks and most decadent kosher style dishes to treat guests to a lavish array of fine cuisine and meaningful customs. Working with a Boston catering company known for innovative food displays and the most professional servers will ensure your Boston bar mitzvah runs smoothly from cocktail hour through dessert.

Boston Bar Mitzvah Cocktail Hour Ideas

drinks and mocktails Boston Bar Mitzvah

We are incredibly proud to offer Boston’s premier bartending service. Our fully licensed bartending team sets the standard for the most customized professional drink service. Our selection of sommelier-chosen wines and finely crafted cocktails are a favorite at any Boston event.

When choosing bar mitzvah drinks, keep guests of all ages in mind. An adult cocktail hour likely features chilled champagnes and sparkling water with refreshing berries. We already have a lot of requests for health-inspired drinks—a top 2016 food trend. And be sure the kids also have plenty of fun and refreshing beverage options. They will be excited to find a virgin bar with fresh juices and mock-tinis.

In addition to a wide array of fruits, smoked fish and gourmet cheeses, treat your guests to some of our favorite appetizers, like potato latkes topped with salmon, crème fraiche and caviar.

Other top bar mitzvah hors d’oeuvres ideas include:

  • Salmon Cakes
  • Mini Beef Wellington
  • Hummus Sampler with Toasted Pita

Remember that the cocktail hour is no time for restraint. Guests will appreciate an extravagant selection from the finest Boston catering. Our chefs and mixologists can help you find appetizers and cocktails that pair nicely.

Chef-Attended Bar Mitzvah Food Stations

Martini Mashed Potato Bar

Let friendly and skilled professionals serve up fun, delicious entrées. You are sure to impress guests with kosher style versions of these incredibly popular interactive food stations:

  • Martini Mashed Potato Bar: Customize this celebratory innovative offering to highlight your favorite potatoes and toppings alongside traditionally popular ones, like Yukon gold potatoes with sautéed mushrooms.
  • Carving Station: Few can resist our premium meats cooked to perfection. Roasted beef tenderloin with a side of fire-grilled asparagus is a perfect celebratory entrée.
  • Pasta Station: Guests have fun playing chef as they choose from a variety of pastas, gourmet sauces and toppings like roasted garlic, spring peas and grilled chicken strips.

Bar Mitzvah Plated Entrees

Skilled chefs can put a unique twist on traditional favorites. One of our top picks is the stuffed chicken breasts. Depending on the season, you may try an apple and raspberry or sun-dried tomato and black olive filling. Homemade matzo ball soup and wild mushroom soup will perfectly complement this fine bar mitzvah entrée.

Fun Bar Mitzvah Desserts

kosher dessert

The traditional Torah cake from the candle-lighting ceremony is always a favorite bar mitzvah dessert. But we also recommend setting up a dessert buffet that offers a wide array of kosher style visions of our ever-popular small indulgences. Guests love to grab these bite-size desserts while they socialize.

You can also hype the party with an interactive dessert station. Chocolate fountains and sundae stations are a big hit among guests of all ages. If lots of children will be attending, consider a carnival theme. When you give away carnival treats as prizes at the booths, your dessert and entertainment will all be wrapped up in one!

Top Boston Bar Mitzvah Venues

There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing among kosher style Boston venues. Look for a classy event space that complements your lavish celebration. Also keep in mind your guest count and whether you will need a separate room for the adult and kid’s cocktail hours. From a temple to an estate, our seasoned event planners share their favorite Boston bar mitzvah venues.

Temples and Synagogues

Look for a temple with a social hall that matches your event vision and expected guest count. Also keep in mind your event date. A conservative synagogue welcomes guests with the utmost respect and warmth, but keep in mind that it will not allow music or electricity during Shabbat.

Although a temple is the most traditional bar mitzvah venue, your big celebration can be innovative in design and cuisine. Jori’s hockey-themed bar mitzvah at Temple Beth Avodah showcased BG’s creative lighting and food displays. “Jori’s Penalty Box” food station added a fun and personalized touch to the celebration. You can take this bar mitzvah theme the extra mile by creating an arena and kiosks with food and tickets for guests to “purchase.”


Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation

BG designers love to bring their artistic flair and modern style to historic Boston museums. Some of our favorite locations that inspire creativity and passion among guests are:

  • Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation: Dating back to the 19th-century textile mill, this historic Waltham venue is best known for its stunning views of the Charles River and plenty of room for up to 180 guests to dine and dance.
  • deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum: You will never forget a cocktail hour on the Rappaport Roof Terrace overlooking a pond and the sculpture park. This unique space is a great option for more intimate bar mitzvahs in Boston.

For a more modern yet equally artistic atmosphere, check out the Boston Architectural College. From conferences to bar mitzvahs, this educational college of spatial design boasts years of experience hosting a wide variety of Boston events.

State House or Estate

Old State House Boston

Your bar mitzvah photos are sure to have beautiful backdrops at one of Boston’s historic State Houses or stunning estates. Two of the most notable and stunning Boston landmarks available for private rentals are:

  • Old State House: Hosting a bar mitzvah in the magnificent restored historic rooms of the Old State House is one more way you can show your commitment to good works and Boston pride. Rental proceeds benefit the Bostonian Society, dedicated to preserving and sharing Boston’s history.
  • The Endicott Estate: This vast space is ideal for bar mitzvahs with large guest counts and out-of-town guests. 15 acres and conveniently located hotels place no limits on your Boston bar mitzvah vision.

Bar mitzvahs come at a very exciting time of life, so be sure to share the milestone with an equally enthusiastic Boston catering company. From designing a custom kosher style menu to choosing a theme, our passionate professionals make every step of planning a bar mitzvah fun and easy.

To share your bar mitzvah vision with our experienced event planners, contact us online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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