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It starts with a ritual.

A moment like this happens once in a lifetime. A ceremony and celebration of this magnitude should be planned with vast attention to detail and care for both the unbroken Jewish tradition and for the way your family envisions the celebration.

Together, our team works with your family to plan this special day from the start. Our Kosher team understands your needs. Both Kosher caterer, Edna Bension from Ora Kosher Catering, and simcha specialist, Devora Millman of BG Events, will lead our team to ensure your celebration honors the Jewish tradition as well as your event visions.

About Our Kosher Team

Kosher Catering Boston with our special team by BG Events and Ora Kosher Catering

Our experienced event planners will bring both fashionable visions and delicious Kosher cuisine to your event.With Edna’s brand new Kosher kitchen, under Rabbinical supervision, we bring the best Kosher catering in Boston to your celebration.

Our own event planners, Devora Millman and Ken Barrett, pair up to bring your desired combination of traditional and contemporary character to life in a memorable event you’ll never forget. Meet your Kosher team.

Corporate catering services from BG in Boston

Kosher Services

BG takes care of everything, so you can concentrate on your guests. BG services include: floral, decor, lighting, rentals, photography, staffing & entertainment.

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Mosiac from  a Kosher Catering event in Boston, MA.


We’ve teamed up with venues all over Boston—from trendy to traditional—and we will help you select the perfect location for your corporate event.

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That’s a lot to think about…

From award-winning, full-service Boston catering to exceptional, detail-oriented event planning, BG Events and Catering produces grand affairs with a “Wow Factor” that won’t break the bank.

Our team will become an extension of your team; it’s what we love to do every day! Let us take the pressure off of you and replace it with a worry-free, sensational experience from the moment you hear the first “Wow!” as the guests enter the room.

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Denise and Baylee – what can I say… A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. – F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. >>> Seriously. No joke. BG was recommended to me by my photographers (also long time friends – 15+ years) for my August wedding. Originally from Boston, we were living in Atlanta at the time… do you know how difficult it is to plan a wedding remotely??? Challenging to say the least. We got married at the Boston Cyclorama, an entirely blank venue where we had to bring in EVERYTHING. For one, BG offers THE WHOLE SHEBANG – although they’re more known for their food, they do the settings as well. Which made our lives 8,888 easier – plus, to work with them… let me just tell you: 1) Until we could get up to Boston, they met, answered, accommodated my parents as many times as they asked (and they asked A LOT). 2) They were incredibly responsive – I’m pretty sure I only had to wait a maximum of 48 hours for them to respond to any email… and typically it was less than 24 hrs. 3) DAY OF: I was NEVER without a drink in my hands. That’s not even an exaggeration. Which when you talk to 100s of people, you always need that drink. 4) Denise listened to US and my parents. We had a pretty unique menu mixing Chinese food, Italian food, and Dominican food. When there was some type of food that culturally wasn’t exactly correct, Denise went ALL OUT to make sure it was right. – I’m sure people can relate but sometimes, there are culturally certain foods that are suppose to be served at weddings 🙂 – For example, they accommodated a full Roast Pig (from Chinatown). 5) EVERYONE LOVED THE FOOD. In fact, they ate SOO much that many people said, no matter how much they drank… they never got… well you know. Without a doubt, would recommend BG. When I have my future events, they will no doubt be called again.

Frank and Jess S
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It all started as most events do—with a vision. From the very beginning, we’ve challenged ourselves to go bigger, do better, and create more from less. Every day for us is a new chance to blow your mind with a spectacular new visual setting, a wildly outstanding venue, and a uniquely flavorful and inventive menu. This is the BG Way—working with you, calling on your imagination, and making every event magical. The next great event idea starts here.

We believe there is magic in every event, and there are no limits to where it can be found.

The BG Way

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