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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Apr 12, 2014

How to Host a Green Event

Anyone can host a party or event, but creating a gathering that is eco-friendly probably seems like an entirely different undertaking.

Whether you are strongly supportive of conservation efforts, or just simply hoping to throw an earth-friendly bash of which you can be proud, going “green” in your party planning is easier than you think.  We have used our unrivaled experience in the catering and event planning industry to compile our top tips to hosting a green event, making your green party planning efforts an easier-than-ever success.

Throwing a Green Party

It starts with an eco-friendly vision.  Entertaining requires both passion and vision, and entertaining with environmentally-friendly practices takes additional planning.  Keep these items in mind as you prepare for your eco-friendly party:

  • Locally-grown, locally-crafted and locally-sourced food and drink items
  • Environmentally-friendly party decorations
  • Energy-conscious lighting, heating/cooling, grilling and entertainment options
  • Minimizing waste, utilizing sustainable options and recycling where possible

Green party tables

Eat, Drink and Be Local!

One of the easiest ways to “green” an event is to keep your food and drink local.  This means purchasing locally-grown produce, sourcing locally-raised meat products and drinking locally-crafted beverages throughout your event.  Keeping your food and drinks local incurs fewer costs—monetary and environmentally.  Local products use less resources to preserve, package, ship, store and distribute than those that come from farther away.  Purchasing local goods is also environmentally-friendly because it reduces the amount of gasoline burned in the shipping process.  Those goods come from local farmers and craftsmen, meaning your money is spent boosting your local economy.

Environmentally-friendly Party Decorations

Consider using eco-friendly décor when setting up your green party space.  Purchase decorations made from 100% recycled goods, or, better yet, utilize natural products like flowers, greenery, potted plants, whole fruits and vegetables and other live or edible items to enhance your earth-friendly party.  Flowers, especially those that are potted, and other greenery are great because they can double as eco-friendly party favors, living past their uses as party-time decorative items.  Whole fruits and vegetables placed in bowls throughout the event space add color to your “green” décor, can be utilized as earth-friendly party munchies and are easily taken home to be used for meals or snacks.

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Energy-conscious Lighting, Grilling and Entertainment Options

Every party or event requires a variety lighting, heating/cooling, entertainment and sometimes even grilling options.  Consider these eco-friendly ideas:

  • Energy-conscious lighting—utilize natural lighting as much as possible.  Move your party outdoors to a patio or porch, or employ energy-efficient light bulbs throughout your home and event space to minimize energy usage.
  • Energy-conscious grilling—avoid lighter fluids, clean your grill regularly and use sustainable bamboo chips in place of charcoal to reduce carcinogens and obtain great flavor.
  • Energy-conscious entertainment—gather items you already have to create your party entertainment.  Play cards, have a game of touch football or softball in your backyard or do something earth-friendly—like planting trees or picking up trash at a local park—to keep your eco-friendly event guests entertained.

outdoor tent for a green event

Minimizing, Utilizing and Recycling

Minimize the amount of waste at your party by utilizing sustainable dinnerware and party products (items that can be reused or recycled).  Ask guests to carpool, ride bikes or walk to minimize the amount of gasoline burned en route to your eco-friendly event. Recycle as much as possible, setting out well-labeled containers for plastics, metals, glass, papers and food waste.  If possible, compost your food waste for added sustainable party practices.

Visit our Green Party Pinterest board for even more green inspiration!

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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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