Are you looking for unique corporate holiday party ideas?

Whether you are in the market for something food-centric, based on a theme or otherwise, when you work with a full-service catering company, all of your ideas and wants are attainable.

There are hundreds of directions one can take with a holiday party, and our creative team is excited to help make that special, customized experience for you and your guests.

Here is a list of some of our most popular services:

Photography     photography               Lighting     lighting               Dr!nks     drinks               Floral     floral
Entertainment     entertainment               Menus     menus               Décor     decorations               Rentalsrentals

Need even more holiday and winter party ideas?
We have a list of 10 of our favorites.


Boston Holiday Party Venues

Choosing the right event location is an important part of a successful holiday party, especially here in Boston. We work with dozens of beautiful venues around the city, each with its own charm and unique attributes. If you are in need of venue selection help for your holiday party, contact our sales team and we will help you find the best place for your event. In addition to great food and catering services, we understand that your event encompasses tons of other components necessary for the perfect party. Full-service catering will always mean offering you services dealing with all aspects of an event, not just one thing.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes

Holiday party themes can be simple, such as silver and gold, or much more in-depth like the recreation of your favorite holiday movie.

Customized holiday themes are a popular way for businesses and organizations to celebrate each year. However, we also work with themed catering menus, such as last year’s Ski Chalet menu theme or Winter Wonderland menu theme.

Boston Corporate Catering Services

In addition to holiday parties, BG Events and Catering helps businesses all over the Boston area plan and execute more than November and December holiday celebrations. These include, but are not limited to, annual summer outings, outdoor picnics, anniversaries and birthdays, quarterly parties, cocktail receptions and any other special event your business is celebrating.

Our winter event catering and planning is well under way once the late summer/early fall has arrived. Please contact us soon for information regarding your fabulous holiday party or your winter event!

Corporate Holiday Party Planning Checklist

Our goal is always to make the holiday party planning process as seamless and simple as possible, while simultaneously giving you the most incredible experience and value for your budget. To accomplish this, we often find that creating a corporate holiday party planning checklist is a great start, so we thought we would give you one to use for your event!

Use this Office Holiday Party Checklist to help organize your party this year!

Denise and Baylee – what can I say… A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. – F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. >>> Seriously. No joke. BG was recommended to me by my photographers (also long time friends – 15+ years) for my August wedding. Originally from Boston, we were living in Atlanta at the time… do you know how difficult it is to plan a wedding remotely??? Challenging to say the least. We got married at the Boston Cyclorama, an entirely blank venue where we had to bring in EVERYTHING. For one, BG offers THE WHOLE SHEBANG – although they’re more known for their food, they do the settings as well. Which made our lives 8,888 easier – plus, to work with them… let me just tell you: 1) Until we could get up to Boston, they met, answered, accommodated my parents as many times as they asked (and they asked A LOT). 2) They were incredibly responsive – I’m pretty sure I only had to wait a maximum of 48 hours for them to respond to any email… and typically it was less than 24 hrs. 3) DAY OF: I was NEVER without a drink in my hands. That’s not even an exaggeration. Which when you talk to 100s of people, you always need that drink. 4) Denise listened to US and my parents. We had a pretty unique menu mixing Chinese food, Italian food, and Dominican food. When there was some type of food that culturally wasn’t exactly correct, Denise went ALL OUT to make sure it was right. – I’m sure people can relate but sometimes, there are culturally certain foods that are suppose to be served at weddings 🙂 – For example, they accommodated a full Roast Pig (from Chinatown). 5) EVERYONE LOVED THE FOOD. In fact, they ate SOO much that many people said, no matter how much they drank… they never got… well you know. Without a doubt, would recommend BG. When I have my future events, they will no doubt be called again.

Frank and Jess S
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