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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Sep 3, 2015

Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

Thinking back to memorable parties you’ve attended, what do you remember the most? Chances are you will remember the little things that made that party unique.

Whether you are planning an intimate holiday gathering or a bustling corporate event, our recommendations for holiday party entertainment will surely leave a lasting impression on all of your guests. So, ignite the holiday spirit early and plan to put a few of these ideas into action this season.

Fun Food Stations

guests enjoy Interactive liquid nitrogen station

Let your premier Boston catering company wiggle their way into the night’s entertainment. Wow your guests with one of these featured activities:

Decorate holiday cookies: Ask your catering company to bake sugar cookies or gingerbread men that guests can decorate with icing, sprinkles and other candies. Guests can choose to beautify their cookies and then eat them, or maybe they will choose to take them home for a dessert the next day.

Interactive liquid nitrogen station: Old Man Winter enters your holiday party in the form of frozen desserts! Guests can freeze treats in liquid nitrogen at our interactive station! A favorite is the frozen popcorn ball called Dragon’s Breath that casts a large puff of smoke into the air.

Gingerbread house: Family, friends or colleagues can join the kids at the party to build their own unique gingerbread houses. Your Boston catering company can provide all of the delicious, edible supplies to make these take-home creations. This is a fun activity sure to be a hit among the young guests.

Capture the Moment

photobooth materials and utensils

Photo booths: The ever-popular photo booth never seems to get old. Dress up in holiday garb and carry your silly props in the booth to create lasting memories you can take home with you.

Walk the red carpet: The entertainment can begin as soon as your guests enter the door. They’ll feel like superstars walking down the red carpet setup into your Boston holiday party. Guests can strike a post as the photographer captures the moments in front of your corporate banner or gorgeous holiday backdrop.

Get the Party Started With Music

Live band holiday party entertainment

Pianist: Maybe you hope for a joyful night with a smaller group of guests, possibly close family and friends or a core group of employees. Hire a pianist to fill the room with familiar carols where guests may be so inclined to sing-along.

Music ensemble: For intimate gatherings, you may prefer three or four instrumentalists who specialize in classical rhythms or an upbeat jazz sound. Filling the room with beautiful sound will create holiday memories for all who attend.

Live band: Maybe you have a corporate culture for the young at heart. This holiday season, entertain your large group of 200 or more with a band that can get the crowd dancing all night!

DJ: Plan the music for your event with a DJ and make sure he is one who can feel the vibe of the guests. Look for someone who can play music that keeps everyone engaged. We recommend playing hip holiday music from modern artists. Maybe handout holiday accessories like Santa hats, glow stick bracelets or brightly colored sunglasses to everyone on the dance floor to wear. Make sure the photographer is present when the dancing begins. Talk about cool pictures!

Karaoke: Oh the infamous karaoke night! If you are having an informal holiday party, this form of entertainment can be a blast. It is ideal if you have a venue with more than one room, giving guests a chance to participate or mingle in another room instead.

Give Back: Hire a local children’s choir or non-profit musical entertainment group and offer their organization a nice donation as a “thank you” for performing at your holiday event. It’s a nice way to give back this season, plus it’s a great way to discover and enjoy local musical talents!

Performers Who Steal the Show

Tight Rope Walkers Entertainment for party

Dancers: Office parties can get quite exciting when employees see professional dancers enter the room. Opt for a dancing duo who ignites the holiday spirit by engaging guests to try out their own moves.

Tight Rope Walkers: Clear the room after everyone had some delicious food and drink. Make way for acrobatic pros who can walk the tight rope. Your Boston catering company is happy to arrange these entertainers for your hit party.

Magicians: Everyone will feel like a kid again as they enjoy some holiday magic tricks! In fact, this is a great entertainment idea if guests are bringing children along for the fun.

Costumed actors: Have Santa Clause visit early this year, as the main actor at your holiday party. Make it even more fun by having your company’s CEO dress up as Santa. If your CEO is female, maybe she can disguise herself at Mrs. Clause!

Carolers: Greet guests at the door with a group of delightful carolers! What a way to get the party started.

Stilt walkers: Costumed stilt walkers will make a normal holiday party feel very posh. Imagine the amount of photos uploaded to Instagram that evening – what a way to bring awareness to your company or cause, depending on the goals of your holiday party.

Virtual and Competitive Games

Alpine snowboard stimulator entertainment and games at holiday party

Alpine snowboard stimulator: Let guests take a ride – literally – on the slopes of our virtual mountain. It’s exciting entertainment for large groups of friends, co-workers or parents with daredevil kids.

Shuffleboard: Encourage the competitive spirit by hosting rounds of shuffleboard. It’s also a great way for guests to take a break from mingling and indulging in holiday foods at the annual party.

We believe in putting that special touch on your Boston holiday party. Big and small, these ideas will leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. So, give us a call to brainstorm ways that will give your guests the gift of entertainment this season.

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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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