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Charlie Bougas
Jul 10, 2014

Gay Wedding Guide for Boston Couples

A wedding is a time for celebrating the unconditional love between two individuals.  At BG Events and Catering, we are proud to support same-sex marriage and the promotion of loving unions between all couples.  That is why we compiled this wedding guide for same-sex couples, filled with tips and tricks for putting together the perfect reception to celebrate true, equal love.

Here is a guide to hosting the perfect same-sex wedding.

Make the Day About the Two of You

With so much focus on the politics behind same-sex marriages, it might seem like it will be difficult to make the day about the joy of the marriage itself.  Remedy this by having the entire wedding weekend be all about the same-sex couple, creating a contagious atmosphere of love and celebration with these personalized items:

  • Print photos of the two of you throughout your relationship, chronicling your pre-wedding life together.  Create collages with the printed photos and have them hung throughout the event space so that everyone can get a glimpse into your current life together and the happiness the two of you constantly share.
  • Pair your favorite colors—one for each member of the couple—when selecting a color scheme for the stationary, reception and church decorations, party favors and more.  This simple symbol reiterates your union while creating a truly customized addition to the same-sex wedding’s theme.
  • Display a love timeline.  Often guests will want to know about how you met, how long you have known each other, what types of things you both enjoy, what you have both accomplished and other love (and life)-related questions.  Creating a timeline listing these types of items will allow your guests to enjoy a visual display of your history as a couple:
      1. When you met and where
      2. The types of trips and events in which you have participated together
      3. A little bit about each of your personal lives—hobbies, jobs, etc.
  • Choose party favors about which you can honestly be passionate.  Avoid settling for a standard customized drink glass or a box filled with aluminum-wrapped chocolates.  Choose, instead, something that represents you both.  Some examples include:
      1. If you are both fit or health-conscious, choose candy-coated almonds dipped in your party’s colors to fill a small reusable water bottle.
      2. If you are both really into fashion, choose fashionable accessories that party-goers of all genders can enjoy.
      3. If you are both beach bums at heart, select something tropical to give to your guests as they leave.
  • Decorations at the ceremony and reception should show off your personalities, both individually and as a couple.  Be sure you are adorning your event spaces with items that speak to both of your likes.

Outdoor wedding

Personalize Your Theme

Again, this is all about you!  Make the theme something special to you both.  Themes like luaus, barbecues, backyard weddings and more are fun, but selecting something that rings true to you will make the whole event special and keep the focus on your love as a couple.  Choose a theme that goes along with one of these life moments (or others!) for an added unique touch:

  • Destination of your first vacation as a couple—Examples include tropical destinations like the Caribbean, European, Asian, Vegas, Chicago, Provincetown or Hollywood, to name a few.
  • A sport, team or event about which you both are passionate—Big sports fans?  Have your favorite sport or team worked into your event theme through decorations, party favors, event entertainment and more.
  • Activities in which you both participate—Are you both big runners, athletes, dancers, country music fanatics, artists, corporate businesspeople, salespeople, etc.?  Work common activities into your theme to help your guests really get to know you both.
  • A joint cause that brings you together—Animal activism, environmentally-friendly initiatives, human rights, you name it…a cause about which you are both passionate is a great way to bring an added personal element to any gathering.
  • True love—Center your theme on the mood of the day itself, celebrating the true love between two people.  Cover your space in hearts, cupids, love quotes and more for a truly romantic event.

Cozy romantic themed party

 Selecting the Perfect Menu

No wedding—be it for a he and she, he and he or she and she combination—would be complete without selecting the perfect menu.  Choose edible items that match your theme and your tastes as a couple, such as any of these delectable pairings:

  • Regional fare from the country of your choosing, such as a Mexican fiesta menu, Caribbean fare, Italian cuisine menu, Asian-fusion menu, Chicago hot dog stand, etc.
  • Fenway Park food for sports fanatics will be a big hit.  Upscale versions of artisan hot dogs, burgers, bratwurst, popcorn and more can be created by any catering team and will truly bring a fun and delicious element to any sports fan’s wedding.
  • Celebrating with a cause-themed event?  Make all of your fare vegetarian for animal rights, or eco-friendly foods for earth-friendly-focused events.
  • All of the most romantic foods—Prosecco, caviar, fine wines and cheeses and more—will enhance a true love-themed extravaganza.

Wedding Food

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