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Baylee Goldstein
Mar 3, 2017

Event Spotlight: Jennipher & Patrick’s New England Autumn Wedding Celebration

New England Autumn Wedding Celebration

Looking out over the crystal blue waters of the Chestnut Hill reservoir, it’s easy to see how the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum has become one of the most popular wedding venues among Bostonians. Located seconds away from the campus of Boston College, The Waterworks Museum is (like much of our Boston community) steeped in rich history and reflects a collective sense of local pride. Loving couples from all over Boston and the larger New England area come to the museum to be a part of that tradition and launch their new lives together.

Recently, BG Events and Catering was privileged to be part of one of these amazing wedding celebrations with our clients, Jennipher and Patrick. The pictures tell the story of a fun and vibrant “Autumn in New England” evening ceremony where food, family, friends and a festive atmosphere brought guests together in celebrating their love.

An Autumn Theme Meets an Industrial Atmosphere

For Jennipher and Patrick’s celebration, BG’s event specialists established a festive fall theme with an industrial twist. The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum was adorned in fresh fall décor and illuminated in hues of orange, amber and purple with cafe string lighting. The humongous event space accommodated almost 150 guests and was further decorated with baby’s breath florals, silver trumpet vases, bales of hay, potted mums, fresh pumpkins and fall leaves. As a tip of the hat to the industrial character of the venue, some bartenders and waitstaff even dressed in steampunk-style garments.

Autumn Themed Wedding

An Essential Bostonian Menu (…And Then Some!)

A Bostonian space like the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum called for an essentially Bostonian-style menu. BG Events & Catering’s experienced culinary staff were certainly up to the task.

Passed hors d’oeuvres included:

  • fried ravioli
  • lobster arancini
  • mini crab cakes

Autumn is the perfect season for soup, so guests were privy to both our authentic New England clam chowder and sausage spinach barley.

They were also delighted with a variety of sliders, including:

  • mini cheeseburgers
  • grilled chicken
  • Carolina pulled pork
  • vegetarian eggplant sliders
  • beef tenderloin on brioche

The chef’s risotto table featured braised short ribs, heirloom vegetables, mushroom ragu and a splendid creamy risotto. Finally, who could forget dessert? Two chef-attended dessert stations featured liquid nitrogen frozen treats and delectable crepes, while our pastry chefs created an astonishing buttercream layered wedding cake.

An Entertaining and Interactive Full-Service Wedding Experience

Jennipher and Patrick’s wedding celebration was an ideal demonstration of BG Events & Catering’s brand of full service. The entire event landscape and timeline were perfectly tailored for taking fantastic group pictures all over the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum location. A string quartet provided a soundtrack of classical sophistication during the ceremony, while the reception featured a top-40 DJ to turn up the energy.

The event was fully staffed with BG’s courteous waitstaff, professional bartenders and experienced on-site chefs. Our professional event coordinators were also there to ensure that every detail was covered.

Autumn Decor

Jennipher and Patrick’s New England autumn wedding celebration was truly memorable for everyone involved. If you are ready to create an exceptional wedding experience in the Boston area, contact us online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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