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Michele Zimmerman
Feb 23, 2016

A Beautiful Diner en Blanc Networking Event

Charles River Ventures invests in experts—people who are the best at what they do. So we were honored when they chose our Boston catering team to service their Israeli Entrepreneurs networking event on September 5, 2014.

Our corporate catering department created an elegant French-inspired cocktail party that surpassed expectations and proved that we are among the best experts that can turn a great vision into a reality.

guests enjoying an outside event in Boston

A Diner en Blanc-Inspired Boston Cocktail Hour

The inspiration for this white color theme party was the famous Diner en Blanc. This popular, exclusive party has taken place in France since 1988, when it was first held in the Parc de Bagatelle. Although we did not keep the party location a secret as they now do in France, we put together an impressive rendition of the Diner en Blanc.

Customizing a White Party Venue

Each year, the French Diner en Blanc is held at a different (but always very prominent) public location. Charles River Venture wanted to transform the Armony family residence in Arlington into the ultimate white party.

We knew just how to make that happen.

The yard situated at the edge of quite water was the perfect place to set up modern white furniture and decorations.

modern white furniture and decorations modern white furniture and decorations

We brought in sleek white leather furniture and a few small tables draped in elegant white fabric. Custom color linens and runners were no problem at all for our Boston catering company, which loves to personalize every detail. The design of the event, with beautiful Paris gloss white chairs among high- and low-top tables, perfectly echoed the feeling of the home and the Diner en Blanc inspiration.

Celebrating with the Finest Drinks

As the 85 guests arrived, our wonderful staff welcomed them with refreshing beverages and tempting appetizers. We also set up a scotch tasting lounge looking out on the water and a stunning lucite bar so guests could choose from signature cocktails and other fine drinks.

Our dr!nk department was proud to offer this fabulous array of beverages:

  • Beers: Sam Adams Seasonal, Sam Adams Lager, Harpoon IPA, Heineken Light
  • Wines: white and red
  • The Macallan 12 Year: the exclusive use of sherry casks to produce this single malt whisky makes it one of a kind. The secret to giving it a unique aroma and flavor is that the spirit coming from the stills goes into casks that have been used to age Oloroso Sherry.
  • Glenfarclas 12 Year: an exceptional Highland whisky produced with about 80 percent of the spirit aged in used sherry casks and the remaining 20 percent in barrels once used to age bourbon whiskey.
  • Ardbeg 10 Year: widely recognized as one of the smokiest and most complex single island malts, peat-lovers were delighted to find this classic renowned drink.

Pantone Color Library of Mini Dishes

We custom designed a menu of small tastes to represent the many faces of friends and the brilliant color they bring to the world. In addition to passing colored macarons, we set up a contemporary display of stationary appetizers. We lit a custom pedestal buffet with elegant drum chandeliers and hot appetizers.

Pantone Color Library of Mini Dishes colorful food display of mini dishes

With healthy cuisine continuing to gain a following in Boston, these vegetarian small bites were a big hit:

  • Chilled potato soup sips with crispy Brussels sprouts: waffle cone, chipotle maple, celery leaf
  • Kalamata olive tapenade on shortbread with goat cheese mousse
  • Carrot panna cotta with cranberry compote
  • Roasted golden beet coins with micro greens and goat cheese mousse
  • Forest mushroom tarts with roasted garlic and ricotta

Roasted golden beet coins with micro greens and goat cheese mousse mini appetizer

Chilled potato soup sips with crispy Brussels sprouts

No mater how tempting our veggie-based appetizers may be, our premium meats are always hard to pass up. Few could resist these appetizers:

  • Turmeric-spiced grilled chicken with chilled jasmine rice salad and saffron aioli
  • Asian BBQ salmon with chilled Shanghai noodles
  • Mini medallions of beef and purple Peruvian potato salad with apples, golden raisins, pickle relish

Mini medallions of beef appetizers

After an evening of of cocktails, connections and fine cuisine, guests enjoyed one more delicious macaron. Guests could wrap up the evening with a simple espresso-based drink and the option of taking another macaron for the road.

To customize your next event to perfection, contact our creative Boston catering team online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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Michele Zimmerman

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