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Denise DeSimone
Nov 27, 2018

Megan and Curtis’ Intimate Wedding at deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

Coming in at just 72, Megan Intoccia and Curtis Tongue’s guest list was about as concise as they get. And their vision was equally refined—honed in on their elegant taste and beautiful personalities. Being a WeddingWire editors’ pick recipient known for its picturesque vistas of Flint’s Pond, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum was the perfect place for Megan and Curtis’ elegant wedding dreams.

Take a look at this stunning summer wedding that created memories of a lifetime.

Megan and Curtis’ Intimate Wedding at deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

The Wedding That Took Guests’ Breath Away

Preparing for the Big Moments

Benefiting from the support of our experienced team, Megan and Curtis were able to let their great vitality shine through on their wedding day. We were happy to learn that they wanted to arrive hours before their guests to settle in and take time for their first look and formal photos. With Megan tucked away in the bridal suite and guests beginning to arrive just before the 6pm on-site ceremony, we could not wait to see her grand entrance.

Charming Ceremony Outside

White chairs and flowers as well as the support and emotion shown by their family and friends were all Megan and Curtis needed to make deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum’s outdoor space their dream ceremony location. As she entered through rings to meet the love of her life on July 21, Megan’s joy was overflowing. They tied the knot between trees that provided gentle shade intermixed with splashes of sunshine—the perfect balance of comfort and beauty on this lovely summer day.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

Cocktail Hour on the Sculpture Terrace

At 6:30pm, guests began their transition from the lawn toward the reception space—stopping on the sculpture terrace for some tasty drinks and small bites. With patio furniture as well as a fabulous bar in place, the cocktail hour setup let guests relax and rejuvenate as they enjoyed these irresistible appetizers:

  • Caprese skewer: cherry tomato, Maplebrook mozzarella, basil pesto, olive oil, balsamic drizzle
  • Green apple crostini: brie, fig jam, arugula
  • Seasonal crudité shooter: buttermilk basil sauce
  • Fingerling potato cups filled with braised short rib: horseradish cream, chives
  • Mini lobster roll: mayo, celery, lemon, scratch mini brioche bun

Caprese skewer Passed Hors d'oeuvres at Boston Wedding

While their guests mixed and mingled in this impressive space, Megan and Curtis took a moment to preview their reception room and snap some lovely sunset photos. When they slid away at 7:25pm, it was time to invite guests to the Dewey Family Gallery, where Megan and Curtis would make their grand entrance.

A Radiant Reception in the Dewey Family Gallery

Reminiscent of the “I found my heart in San Francisco” sign on display, Megan and Curtis’ hearts were beaming as they stepped into the room. Blue lights and elegant white tablescapes set the scene for their first dance and welcome speech. Seated upon gold chiavari chairs, each guest enjoyed a refreshing dining experience—starting with a spinach and peppered pear salad. Complete with a light raspberry dressing, this first course beautifully complemented the lovely floral centerpieces and was the perfect entry to the Tongues’ seasonal menu.

I found my heart in San Francisco” Sign

A Fresh Summer Wedding Menu

Artfully crafted to match their unique tastes and style, the Tongues’ custom menu was a beautiful reflection of summer. The strawberry bourbon lemonade and bitters had guests’ mouths set for fresh and flavorful cuisine. Whether they enjoyed a herb marinated hanger steak or lemon and thyme beurre blank salmon, guests were treated to seasonal sides of creamy mushroom risotto and balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts. And guests who opted for the vegetarian main course were equally delighted by the roasted Portobello mushroom stuffed with butternut squash, Gorgonzola and garlic scented spinach.

Megan and Curtis’ Intimate Wedding at deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

Dainty Desserts Closed Out the Big Party

After dinner, the party elevated to new heights. With memorable toasts and traditional dances complete, the music kicked up and the desserts rolled out. Whether visiting the bar stocked with Gordon’s liquor or stopping by the popcorn table, guests carried great energy and enthusiasm throughout the evening.

Before sitting down for their portrait by the caricaturist or stepping back onto the dance floor, guests snagged a cup of coffee to go with their choice of pink ombre macaroons and assorted mini cupcakes. Through each moment and every sweet bite that guests savored, the couple’s brilliant summer wedding story continued.

At 11pm, when it was time for guests to depart, everyone headed home with memories that will shine bright all summer long. Likewise, our team left inspired and excited for the next personalized Boston wedding that we have the pleasure of servicing.

To share your unique wedding vision with our talented experts, contact us online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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