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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Mar 26, 2015

Boston Corporate Party Ideas

Companies in Boston, you have the opportunity to throw a corporate party for one of the most vibrant populations! We’d like to help you make the most of our stellar city and your company event with these corporate party ideas.

Trendy Boston Corporate Party Ideas

Pulling from our favorite 2015 Boston party themes, here’s how you can highlight the best aspects of your company with these trendy corporate party ideas:

  • Company pride: make your party “all one color,” and make that your company color. This theme gives you free reign to deck out the venue in your corporate colors and logos. It’s especially fitting for brand events such as product launches, rebrands, new store openings and open houses. We also love to see company colors and logos take center stage at corporate anniversary parties.
  • Success stories: showcase your clients’ and company’s success with an inspirational party theme. Showcase moving stories, quotes and images on the walls with a projector and blown up into large posters…There are so many ways to turn this theme into a memorable event. Plus, it’s a great way to make your clients feel valued, motivate potential customers to work with your company and recognize employees’ hard work. This is also an ideal theme for a retirement party by recognizing individuals who helped shape your career.
  • Going green: combine the outdoor garden, seasonal flowers and eco-friendly party themes by hosting a green event. This theme is always trending; and with such a positive impact, your event will send a positive message to all attendees—you just have to remember to promote the “green-ness” of your event.
  • Giving back: no matter the celebration (but perhaps even more so when you celebrate the holidays), keep in mind that most people really do love to give back. That’s why we especially love giving back to a charity during your corporate event. Not only will it will boost the morale of everyone at the party, it will also help those less fortunate. Here are some Boston charities that might help you consider giving back to a local cause:

Bright Ideas for Your Boston Corporate Event

bright ideas-01

Awesome corporate party décor will help shape your guests’ experiences. Make sure your photographer does not have a problem capturing your top-notch event with these party décor and lighting ideas:

  • Branded centerpieces: for any type of centerpiece, we suggest incorporating your company’s logo in a clever and festive way that increases brand recognition. For example, do you have an edible centerpiece like a dessert tower? Have your logo frosted on to the top of some of the dessert treats for some appetizing branding.
  • Lighting: lighting is one of the best (and easiest) ways to set the mood at your party, which is why we are crazy about it! Keep your venue bright to magnify the energy of your corporate party. Or, turn down the lights to spotlight certain décor pieces on the walls or your buffet/food station areas where you are trying to direct most of the party’s traffic.
  • Furniture: your corporate party furniture and seating design plan should facilitate networking and socializing—or should promote your event goals should they be different from that. Make sure guests will be comfortable and ready to mingle whether that means using smaller pods of furniture, several two- and three-seat sofas or plenty of highboy tables for the come-and-go type cocktail hour functions.
  • Swag bags: freebies (edible or not) can be one of your corporate event decorations that draw the most attention and serve as a brand reminder. If you are throwing an employee appreciation party or an awards event, upscale company branded gifts serve as both swag bags and thank you gifts.

Custom Menus and Drinks for Boston Events!

custom menus-01

Show pride for your brand and customer base with these Boston event menu and bar ideas:

  • Community favorites: think “Boston.” A Boston corporate party menu favorite includes all of New England’s finest fare: clam chowder, fish and chips, homemade baked beans or Boston cream pie. These menu items tap into hometown pride and service the trending “late-night comfort food” fad that everyone loves right now (including us!).
  • Corporate special: take a unique aspect of your company and work it into your custom corporate event menu. Creative companies will naturally want to offer a signature menu item that surprises and excites guests—whether that includes a particular ingredient that means something to your company, or inserting company names, mascots, logos or other important brand-specific vocabulary into the menu titles—make sure you customize your food and drink!
  • Signature drinks: in addition to traditional popular beverages, offer innovative drinks served in custom designed company glasses. Upscale disposables can easily incorporate your company logo on each glass. Some events can even have custom ice cubes made and put into drinks.

Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas


When choosing your corporate party entertainment, first think of your event goals. Is this an upbeat, positive event or a cool, sophisticated type of party?

Whether you choose lively entertainment or a jazzy ensemble, here are some corporate party entertainment ideas:

  • Live music: from pop to indie rock to jazz and classical, Boston has no shortage of great music and local entertainers. We are huge fans of live music, which includes quartets, big bands, garage bands or even employee bands (which is the coolest way to get your entire company invested in the event).
  • Team building activities: even if your company party is not holiday themed, you can incorporate some of our company holiday party activities for Boston events. Any activity that gets the crowd interacting is a win for events everywhere.
  • VIP guest: Boston has an impressive collection of local artists. From comedians to street performers, entertain guests and support our local businesses by hiring a Boston favorite.
  • Charity station: this speaks volumes about your company’s values and leaves guests with a giving spirit. Choose a charity your company has a good relationship with, or ask employees to vote on the charity they wish to support this year. Then, incorporate donation stations throughout the event to raise money, resources, awareness and encourage volunteering.

For more Boston corporate party ideas, see photos, menus and more from these Boston events:

Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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