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Denise DeSimone
Aug 3, 2018

Sara and Jeff’s Historic Wedding at Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation

When Sara and Jeff arrived to the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation on May 26, they knew all their wedding dreams were about to be realized. This historic 19th-century textile mill is a charming Boston wedding venue that adapts to exemplify couples’ unique wedding visions. Thanks to their desire to share their story and our innovative wedding food ideas in this elegant space, Sara and Jeff gave their 99 guests unforgettable memories.

Take a look at how Sara and Jeff personalized their wedding at this notable Boston venue.

Sarah and Jeff's Wedding at Charles River Museum

Memorable Moments at This Top Boston Wedding Venue

Elegant Outdoor Ceremony

The serene outdoor ceremony space that the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation offers set a romantic and relaxing vibe for Sara and Jeff’s ceremony. Captivated by the lush trees, gentle breeze and naturally beautiful altar, guests were eager to watch Sara and Jeff tie the knot. The ceremony flowed seamlessly and was a natural lead in to the rest of the celebration.

Because Sara and Jeff chose a venue that offered both a ceremony and reception space, their guests didn’t need to worry about transportation or down time before the reception. This is a fantastic way to help ensure a seamless and cohesive experience.

Outdoor Ceremony at Charles River Museum

Welcoming Cocktail Hour

At 5:30pm, guests got their first sample of the fine wedding menu Sara and Jeff custom designed to share their taste while pleasing all their guests. Full of class and culture, the passed hors d’oeuvres were as artistic as they were tasty. Guests with dietary needs appreciated the gluten-free options, but they were enjoyed by far more than only those people. Flavorful and satisfying, the following small bites highlighted a joyous cocktail hour:

  • Arancini: rustic marinara
  • Spinach and artichoke phyllo cup: spring vegetables
  • Crispy buffalo chicken taco with ranch: blue cheese cream, celery leaf
  • Crispy pork dumplings: ponzu sauce

Charming Indoor Reception Space

From the moment guests stepped into the Jackson room, the period-style lighting and stellar views of the Charles River whisked them away into this elegant space. A navy and ivory color scheme matched nicely with the metal and brick that give this space a modern atmosphere in a historic setting. Being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the design of the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation pays tribute to its past while embracing modern design updates. We love how Sara and Jeff mixed large wooden farm tables with round tables to play up this eclectic yet classic vibe.

Charming Indoor Reception Space at Charles River Museum

Delightful Dinner Service

Following introductions, the first dance, welcome speech and toasts, our talented team treated guests to a fine plated dinner service. Having enjoyed crisp iceberg wedge salads with ranch dressing and local crispy bacon garnish, guests were served their main course of choice. Cooked to perfection and elegantly plated, each dish added to the fine culinary experience that surpassed expectations. Vegans and meat-lovers alike found new favorite entrées among the following scrumptious main courses:

  • Grilled beef tenderloin-medium rare: crispy onions garnish
  • Dry rubbed brined skin-on chicken breasts: roasted garlic, sweet red onion and bacon jam
  • Three cheese macaroni and cheese soufflé: herbed bread crumb topping
  • Balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts with bacon
  • Ricotta ravioli: egg, flour, ricotta cheese, fresh corn, pepper, mushrooms, cheese, cream
  • Vegan quinoa risotto

Getting the Party Started!

Following heart-warming father daughter and mother son dances, it was time to turn the music up and set out the warm beverages. With the dance floor busy and photo booths full of laughter, the party never let up. Guests took home as many memories of the evening as Sara and Jeff shared of their beginnings. Whether dancing the night away or sitting down to share stories, guests felt right at home in this historic space filled with the beat of Sara and Jeff’s personalities.

Photobooth Fun at Boston Wedding

Late-Night Snacks and Fun

The cheeseburger sliders with secret sauce on fry cones that were available for the taking starting at 10pm meant guests had an extra bout of energy until Sara and Jeff’s wedding wrapped up an hour later. Salted and served with a small cup of ketchup, the fries were as big of a hit as the burgers. Whether guests came back for seconds of the late-night snack or of the three-tier fondant cake, all their cravings were satisfied. The dinosaur toppers that decked out this fun wedding cake were matched in creativity by its flavors: vanilla cake with strawberry filling and chocolate cake with coffee Oreo filling. As if that wasn’t enough to keep guests’ energy up, there was also an ice cream sundae bar.

Fun Dinosaur Topper Cake

From signing the guest book table surrounded by family photos, artifacts and historic clocks to snapping their own photos to take home, guests cherished every minute of Sara and Jeff’s wedding. We are so proud to have been a part of it. And we want to thank our very own event planner, Denise DeSimone, for snapping some photos to bring back the memories.

Whether innovative cuisine or upgraded classic dishes fit into your wedding dreams, we want to hear from you. To share your unique wedding vision with our creative team, contact us online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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Denise DeSimone

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