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Baylee Goldstein
Nov 10, 2016

Q&A with Boston Wedding Planner Denise DeSimone

Oftentimes experts are rather illusive—keeping their tricks of the trade a closely guarded secret. But that could not be further from the case here at BG Events and Catering. For example, our experienced wedding planner Denise DeSimone shares her knowledge, like tips for choosing your Boston wedding venue, on our blog as well as with leading media such as Catersource. But what she really loves is working one-on-one with couples to plan their dream weddings.

To correct the misconception that Boston wedding planners are not available to share their expertise, we invite you to get to know Denise and learn what drives her to help couples plan wonderful weddings 

Q&A with Accomplished Wedding Planner Denise DeSimone

What is your event history/background?

Many of the greatest innovators get their start by identifying a problem. For me, I experienced a rather large setback when planning my own wedding. I was promised a service, and I never received it. I showed up to the venue, and no one was there waiting for me. I experienced a whole host of emotions—mainly disappointment and frustration—that I never want other brides to feel. It was at that moment that I decided I needed to be a wedding planner.

To get a better understanding of how to care for guests, I started in the restaurant business. I managed and trained staff to make sure every customer had an exceptional experience. With that background, I was ready to take my love of of food and service hospitality directly into the wedding planning and catering business.

How has your role changed since you started working for BG Events and Catering?

I started as an event manager and quickly transitioned to lead wedding event planner when co-workers noted my exceptional attention to guest experience. Backed by the whole BG team that is committed to excellence and extraordinary customer service, I have flourished in this position.

Why do you love planning weddings? 

I feel it is my personal responsibility to ensure that the brides are well taken care of. In a way, this eases the pain of not having this be my experience as a bride. I made a promise to myself that I would make sure other brides feel complete satisfaction and comfort. Living up to this commitment brings me great joy.

What are your favorite Boston details to incorporate into weddings? 

I love integrating couples’ unique styles into decorations and then seeing how the whole scene comes together at stunning Boston photo ops like Fenway Park. Seeing their contentment come through at such gorgeous locations is quite rewarding.

I also love to bring Boston and New England foods into custom menus. For example, clam chowder stations are a great way to engage and treat guests at a variety of venues.


What are your favorite wedding trends? 

Although all our culinary and event planning experts at BG Events and Catering are excited about their industry and its latest trends, we always prioritize couples’ unique personalities and wedding visions. I make sure couples stay true to who they are and their own personal style when planning a wedding in Boston.

What are your favorite menu items for a wedding? 

At the moment, I love to incorporate braised short ribs because they are in vogue. They also prove that you can have a beautiful and trendy meal at a respectable cost. And, being versatile enough to be on a buffet, plated or station, they really can fit in at any wedding venue and within any theme.

braised short ribs wedding entree

How do you keep up to date with wedding trends? 

I can’t help but scan the web and attend conferences in search of the latest advancements and event ideas. But maybe the greatest insight comes from BG Events and Catering’s great relationships with local venues.

Are you part of any associations or affiliated with any industry leaders? 

I am a proud member of the International Caterers Association, Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau. As part of a collaborative team, I attend the annual international Catersource event to preview upcoming trends and share the latest ideas to hit Boston catering companies.

What are your favorite wedding planning tools? 

When couples need a bit more inspiration to complete their wedding vision, I direct them to AllSeated, Pinterest, Grace Ormond and Boston Weddings Magazine. I just love to see the ideas they bring back and help them infuse their style into the latest trends.

What is the first thing a couple should do when they start to plan their wedding? 

I always recommend first establishing a budget and then sharing your vision with an experienced and attentive wedding planner. The last thing you want is to get a dream in your head only to realize it is out of your budget. So first sort out your budget and then let us help you plan a wedding that exceeds what you thought this could provide you.

What are your favorite Boston venues and why? 

The plethora of phenomenal Boston venues means I can help each couple find a perfect fit for their wedding theme and desired atmosphere. Some of my favorite options include:

  • deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum: Gorgeous grounds, changing installations and a contemporary feel make this a top location for modern weddings.
  • Waterworks Museum: Located close to the city and with an industrial vibe that brings Boston’s history to your wedding, this is an ideal space for couples wanting a more relaxed wedding atmosphere.
  • Charles River Museum of Industry: This venue gives couples the Boston feel without the hefty price tag. As the first watchmaker in the United States, it has an industrial feel that is perfect for rustic chic wedding receptions. Add in the riverfront views and the many ceremony spaces and this really is an incredible value.
  • Commander’s Mansion: Couples have complete freedom to bring their vision to life in this flexible space that includes a tent and beautiful manicured grounds.
  • 9OFS: For couples planning a modern, urban wedding, I can’t think of a better place than 90FS with its outdoor garden situated in the heart of Boston.
  • Endicott Estate: The vast lawn, bridal and groom suit and ample parking leave you nothing to worry about on your big day.

What’s the most creative thing you’ve done for a wedding? 

I actually planned my boss’ wedding, and I knew he would want to take advantage of the most creative décor and event ideas. So for Ken’s wedding, we designed suspended table centerpieces and set up a make-your-own martini bar—both of which were a huge hit!

suspended table centerpieces wedding

What seemingly small detail can make a big impact at a wedding or reception? 

Never underestimate what a day-of wedding coordinator can do for your stress levels and guests’ experiences. I can’t believe people get married without them. Because your time is limited, it is impossible to stay on top of everything that goes into a smooth day. This person can be by your side to handle unexpected challenges and anticipate your needs.

How can you personalize a wedding in an easy, cost-effective way? 

When planning modern weddings, I love to work with couples to design a logo and create a custom projection on the floor. This is an especially fun way to attract guests to the dance floor. Or, for rustic chic wedding or ones held at historical venues, a table of family photos makes a great talking point.

custom wedding projectionDenise takes great pride in helping couples every step of the way—using her knowledge to empower them and open doors they never thought possible on their special day. As bride Alexandra says, “Denise was so responsive from start to finish,” and she can be in your corner as well.

To bring the top professionals onto your wedding planning team, contact our Boston catering company online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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