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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Dec 17, 2015

Boston Wedding Anniversary Ideas

If you have doubts about hosting a wedding anniversary party, remember that celebrating with friends and family who helped nurture your relationship throughout the years will show your appreciation for their support. Everyone who attends will leave with that warm, fuzzy feeling to pass on to his or her own family. So throw away the doubt and get started planning your love celebration!

Here we have described traditional wedding anniversary themes for certain milestone years, and we have also listed some ideas to consider when planning and hosting at your favorite Boston venue.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Themes

Your wedding anniversary is a celebration that represents your unique style. Small, intimate occasions work well for some, while others prefer a grand party. Luckily, a big city like Boston has a venue and catering team to help you with whatever style you choose.

These themes draw on the traditional wedding anniversary gifts and flowers of medieval Germanic Europe as we implement the beauty and fragrance of each into the party theme décor.

10-Year Wedding Anniversary—“Tin” Years Strong

Representing your flexibility and adaptability, tin or aluminum is the material used to symbolize a 10th wedding anniversary. Celebrate how far you’ve grown as a couple and set your sights on the next ten years. Use brushed or hammered aluminum in picture frames, plate charges or flower vases.

Tin Flower Vases

We recommend using daffodils, the 10-year anniversary flower, to make gorgeous yellow and white arrangements that accentuate the aluminum flare of the vase!

Our professional servers can pass appetizers on a shiny, modern tray stacked with balsamic figs wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with goat cheese served with balsamic reduction. Picture the couple of honor greeting people at the door with, “Welcome to our 10th wedding anniversary, where we’d like to treat you to delicious food and hugs of joy!”

Shining Silver at the 25-Year Wedding Anniversary

After 25 years, you’ve made it—now is your time to shine! Break out the silver passed down on your wedding day and get ready to celebrate through multiple generations. Contemporary trends lend a hand to silver accents, and you will be able to find décor like these amazing items:

  • Gorgeous silver pillows
  • Silver lighting fixtures
  • Silver mirrors surrounding pictures of the couple

25th Anniversary Gorgeous Silver Pillows

Incorporate the traditional iris flower into your 25th wedding anniversary party to complete the theme.

Why not pop the bubbly for the 25th? Our staff can pass champagne among guests or pour it right before the toast at dinner. We can also have our fully licensed bartenders serve your choice of a custom signature cocktail, top-shelf liquor, fine wine and craft beer.

“Heart of the Oyster” for the 30-Year Wedding Anniversary

After three decades of marriage, we encourage you to celebrate in high style using the traditionally gifted item, the pearl, as the heart of your décor. Decorate with pearl accents throughout your wedding anniversary party using these fun ideas:

  • Pearl beads in the bottom of glass flower vases or candle votives
  • Pearl decorations added to life-size metallic letters
  • Pearl-colored tablecloths on the catered food tables

30-Year Wedding Anniversary Pearl

The couple of honor could wear the 30-year wedding anniversary flower, the sweet pea, in their corsage and boutonniere, complemented with the lady’s pearl earrings and a gown with pearls sown into it.

This majestic pearl and sweet pea theme will pair with a raw bar featuring oysters, a decadent carving station where our chefs will grill lobster tail poached in butter and complete the dinner with your choices of grilled sides like asparagus with tarragon béarnaise.

Glitter with Gold for your 50-Year Wedding Anniversary

Be a king and queen for your special evening. Any couple with the married-for-50-years status will appreciate feeling like royalty among friends and family—as they should! The traditional theme for the 50th wedding anniversary incorporates gold metallic tones in party décor in these modern, luxurious ways:

  • Gold crowns for the couple of honor!
  • Embossed gold furniture
  • Gold glass string lights around the food service tables and the seats for the couple

Gold Furniture for 50th Anniversary

Violets are the traditional 50th wedding anniversary flower; their deep purple color will highlight the golden accents throughout your Boston venue.

Finish the evening with embossed gold desserts—what a delicious and beautiful way to end a glorious evening of celebrating love!

You can find traditional wedding anniversary gift-giving ideas for every year here. Then simply apply the material to create a gorgeous party full of romanticism, inspiration and glorious memories.

If you are looking for an expert catering team in Boston to help you plan and host your wedding anniversary love celebration, contact us. If you aren’t sure if we’re good fit for your needs, we invite you to explore past events on our blog!

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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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