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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
May 8, 2017

Boston Venue Spotlight: deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

We are delighted to introduce you to one of the most visually inspiring and thought-provoking event venues with which we have the privilege of partnering: deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. DeCordova is filled with incredible artistic works of modern and contemporary sculpture, painting and photography and makes for an unbelievable setting for many different kinds of celebrations. From the BG Events point of view, the space is characterized by an atmosphere of creativity and exploration, making it one of the most exciting (and vast) canvases at our planning team’s disposal.

Outdoor Space at DeCordova

About the Space

The deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum was established in 1950 and is the largest park of its kind in New England. Located 20 miles west of Boston, the space occupies a massive 30 acres of land. The name was changed in 2009 to “emphasize its renewed focus on sculpture and to support the institution’s goal of becoming a premier sculpture park by the year 2020.”

Altogether, the park hosts greater than 60 works along with a wide collection of rotating exhibits, interpretive art and performances. DeCordova acquired its first international work in March 2010 and has since grown into one of the most highly revered artistic spaces in the region. It is full of noteworthy pieces from both American and international artists, yet it still holds a firm commitment to providing a place for showcasing and amplifying regional artists and their artworks.

Common Events Hosted at deCordova


The artistic and surreal (sometimes even “Wonderland-ish”) aesthetic of deCordova makes it one of the most popular wedding venues in all of New England. The space is very flexible and accommodating to either indoor or outdoor celebrations. The Sculpture Park makes an ideal spot for tented events and permits couples to incorporate art and nature into their celebration of love in a very organic way.

Beautiful Tented Wedding

Corporate Events

DeCordova provides a provocative and engaging space for business functions. Not only does the artistic space add a beautiful and one-of-a-kind visual complement to your corporate gala or company picnic, but it also comes with a fair amount of actual utility by providing a high-lumen digital projector and a 13′ x 18′ screen in the Dewey Family Gallery area.

Fundraisers at DeCordova


As a not-for-profit that values art, message and culture, deCordova provides an excellent venue for your next fundraiser. The Rappaport Roof Terrace is located on the sixth floor and showcases an amazing expansive view of Flint’s Pond and the rest of the surrounding landscape. It is an elegant and tasteful spot for gatherings that elicit generosity and great conversation.

Private/Social Events

From 50th birthday parties to festive retirement celebrations, deCordova maximizes the creative capacity of any social or private event on her gorgeous estate. The venue accommodates up to 170 people for a luncheon or dinner and can even hold up to 200 for a standing reception. It is truly a fantastic setting for celebrating life’s milestones while educating and immersing yourself in art and creativity.

Natural Setting at DeCordova

A Visually Remarkable Venue

DeCordova’s natural setting, tranquil surroundings, and exquisite atmosphere of modern/contemporary art collectively establish a warm and welcome sanctuary from the noise and static of the city. It is a lovely retreat that welcomes guests from far and wide to see something they’ve never seen before.

Customize Your Experience

In partnering with deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, our dedicated expert event planners are ready and able to work with you personally in creating a memorable wedding, corporate function or private/social event that speaks to your special occasion and embraces the astounding and unique atmosphere of creativity. In planning your event from start to finish, we can customize your experience with features such as:

  • Custom menus with buffets, food stations or plated dinners
  • Signature drinks, spirits and cocktails to accent your celebration
  • Superb themes and coordination to execute
  • Beautifully aesthetic décor, invitations, stationery and more
  • Precise timelines to keep your event on track
  • Helpful on-site waitstaff and planners to answer any questions
  • Entertainment and performance art in conjunction with the museum’s creative minds

Corporate Events

How to Get to deCordova

DeCordova can be accessed via the Fitchburg/South Acton Line of the MBTA Commuter Rail, which stops less than two miles away in Lincoln. From there, you can head north on Lincoln Road about a mile and a half and turn left at Sandy Pond Road. DeCordova is on the right about a half mile down the road.

If deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum seems like the perfect place for your next event, contact our experienced catering team online or give us a call at 617.581.1150 to start planning an event to remember.

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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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