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Denise DeSimone
Oct 3, 2017

Boston Venue Spotlight: Commander’s Mansion

The Boston area and New England region are full of historic sites. From Lexington and Concord to Boston Harbor, our city is surrounded by wonder. All of these places have a story to tell.

Located in nearby Watertown (about 10 miles from Boston), the Commander’s Mansion is no exception. This large mansion was constructed in 1865 against a backdrop of controversy for its founder, Maj. Thomas J. Rodman. Questions about its cost and Rodman’s actions during the American Civil War cast a shadow over construction. But after Rodman left Watertown, the estate was embraced and maintained by the community. Today, the Commander’s Mansion stands as a popular event venue for weddings, corporate events and social gatherings.

Commanders Mansion

We adore the Commander’s Mansion for all these reasons and more. Here’s why we encourage you to explore it as the site for your next event.

About the Space

The Commander’s Mansion is a highlight of the Watertown Arsenal site and remains virtually unaltered from its original state. It is a beautiful, three-story brick bracketed-style mansion house. Its hipped roof is crested with a wooden balustrade and chimneys of paneled brickwork. A Victorian veranda surrounds part of the house. Delicate single and paired Corinthian cast-iron columns feature arches of lace-like ironwork.

The main portion of the house is built around a central large hall with access to the other rooms. The interior is richly ornamented with heavy moldings, ceiling medallions, and marble fireplaces. The building materials (original from 1865) include large amounts of fine wood such as cedar, chestnut, black walnut, butternut and spruce.

The Commander’s Mansion was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places on January 30, 1976.

Events Typically Hosted at Commander’s Mansion


As Boston wedding venues go, Commander’s Mansion is sublime. The property allows for up to 200 guests and can be set up with indoor or outdoor seasonal tent space. This makes it perfect for wedding ceremonies or receptions. Its seven landscaped acres of open space, grape arbor and closeness to the Charles River create picturesque wedding photo backdrops. With such a strong aura of history, the mansion is absolutely ideal for rustic-themed weddings.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are also frequent at the mansion. Both the Watertown and Boston commercial centers are well within reach, making the mansion easily accessible to community business leaders. The large, open interior is ideal for a company gala or networking dinner. There is also plenty of nearby on-site parking. The mansion is the kind of venue that will inspire employees, clients and shareholders alike.

Private/Social Events

The Commander’s Mansion can also comfortably accommodate any private or social event. The site is handicap accessible with central air conditioning and modern amenities. It includes two changing suites with full private baths on the second floor. For birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more, the outdoor space is ideal for lawn games and children’s activities. The large central hall area provides a welcoming space for guests to enjoy a great meal in the company of family and friends.

We Love the Venue

Our expert planners love the Commander’s Mansion because the possibilities here are endless. Even with so much original material and historic character, it blends the old with the new so seamlessly. The old wooden flooring and ornate brickwork inspire our designers to do some amazing things with color and texture. The Commander’s Mansion is a playground for our event design team, and our imaginations run wild here.

Customize Your Experience

Our expert event planners look forward to planning at the Commander’s Mansion with great anticipation. We are ready to work with you personally in creating a memorable wedding, corporate function or private/social event that speaks to your occasion and embraces the historic atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind place. In planning your event from start to finish, we can customize your experience with features such as:

  • Custom menus with buffets, food stations or plated dinners
  • Signature drinks, spirits and cocktails to accent your celebration
  • Superb themes and coordination to execute
  • Beautifully aesthetic décor, invitations, stationery and more
  • Precise timelines to keep your event on track
  • Helpful on-site waitstaff and planners to answer any questions
  • Arts, music and entertainment

How to Find the Commander’s Mansion

The Commander’s Mansion is located at 440 Talcott Avenue in nearby Watertown. It rests right off the banks of the Charles River between US Route 20 (N. Beacon St.) and Arsenal St. It can be accessed off Talcott and Kingsbury Avenue and is a short drive from the Watertown Mall.

Commander's Mansion Map

Our experienced catering team is excited to make your vision for this place a reality, so contact us online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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