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Denise DeSimone
Jul 26, 2017

Boston Venue Spotlight: BSA Space

BSA Space in Boston

Take a stroll along the edge of the Boston Harbor and Fort Point Channel and you’re sure to feel the charm of colonial-era Boston. Down the harborwalk and Atlantic Avenue, you’ll soon spot the Tea Party Ships & Museum, commemorating our city’s hallmark moment in American history. The neighborhood is soaked in history, and the architecture is a testament to the fortitude and character of our city.

Part of this can be attributed to a lovely little venue located just onshore from the museum—BSA Space. At first glance from the outside, you may not even be aware that the building actually houses one of the most highly demanded event spaces in the city. But once you step inside, it will quickly make a lot more sense.

Here is a little more background on what makes BSA Space a sparkling venue.

About the Space

The BSA Space event venue features more than 5,000 square feet of gallery space. In addition to hosting creative exhibitions showcasing experts throughout the art and architecture realm, it has served as the site of several high-profile Boston weddings, business conferences and social gatherings among Boston elites.

The upscale, modern-looking interior features an unorthodox shape (a testament to the architectural ingenuity cultivated within its walls), a functional conference room and several adjacent back areas for catering food stations or fundraiser activities. The proximity of the waterfront also makes the venue a wedding photographer’s dream, providing several inspiring backdrops for wedding party photos.

The Boston Society of Architects was established in 1867 and has grown to more than 3,500 members at present. The society produces a diverse array of programs and publications, including ArchitectureBoston. It is also the headquarters for the BSA Foundation (formerly the Boston Foundation for Architecture).

Events Typically Hosted at BSA Space


Weddings at BSA Space are always changing, and no two celebrations at the venue are ever alike. For wedding caterers, the space is incredibly fun to furnish because it opens the door for several food station possibilities. We can tailor food stations and culinary concepts to the wedding theme, the ongoing exhibitions or guests’ individual palates.

From a décor and design point of view, BSA Space is also a blank canvas. The lighting and acoustics of the space give designers the chance to incorporate just about any color scheme or floral concept in a way that accents the space or amplifies its man-made modernity.

Corporate Events

BSA Space has an inherent way of communicating class and refinement that speaks well for any corporate event it hosts. Aside from the functional conference room and excellent acoustics (perfect for presentations), the shape and openness of the space contribute to open and ongoing conversation among guests and business types. As caterers, we also get plenty of opportunity to arrange delicious buffets for clients that facilitate their movement around the artistic showcase space.

BSA Space is not only a fantastic event space for meeting on existing business ventures, but the natural creativity it fosters also sparks the inspiration for new ones.

Private/Social Events

That same sense of class and modern taste contribute to the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that clients can achieve by hosting birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, recognition dinners or other celebrations at BSA Space.

Private event catering in the space is invigorating because we can do plated dinners or buffets around our most sophisticated culinary concepts. Passed hors d’oeuvres are also popular for events because it gives guests the opportunity to survey the space and converse at their leisure while trying several different delicious bites. As a private event space, BSA Space has a practicality and impressionability that are difficult for other venues to match.

Why We Love the Venue

What’s not to love about this venue?

We are particularly fond of putting our most creative food in concert with a space like BSA Space that exudes and champions visual creativity. It’s a highly accessible space that (between its atmosphere of historical significance and forward-thinking sensibility) is equally effective at catering to celebrations of the old and the new.

Customize Your Experience

Our dedicated expert event planners look forward to planning BSA Space with great anticipation. We are ready and able to work with you personally in creating a memorable wedding, corporate function or private/social event that speaks to your occasion and embraces the visually and architecturally avant garde atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind place. In planning your event from start to finish, we can customize your experience with features such as:

  • Custom menus with buffets, food stations or plated dinners
  • Signature drinks, spirits and cocktails to accent your celebration
  • Superb themes and coordination to execute
  • Beautifully aesthetic décor, invitations, stationery and more
  • Precise timelines to keep your event on track
  • Helpful on-site waitstaff and planners to answer any questions
  • Arts, music and entertainment

How to Find BSA Space

Simple to find and even easier to fall in love with—BSA Space is located at 290 Congress Street, Suite 200. It’s just south of the harborwalk on Congress St. heading west over the bridge past the Tea Party Museum.

We love to sing the praises of this amazing event venue, and we look forward to planning your next event at BSA Space. Give us a call at 617.581.1150 or contact us online to start planning your amazing Boston event.

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