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Sep 5, 2018

How to Plan a Marvelous Boston Gala

Experts’ Boston Gala Planning Guide

Gaining support for your mission starts with knowing who you are trying to reach and what inspires them. With this clear understanding in mind and experts by your side, you can start planning an exceptional Boston gala. From choosing your theme to designing your custom menu, let our experienced team guide you to an exceptionally successful event.

Our creative team of event planners walks through the steps to planning a gala that embodies the essence of your mission and backs your goals.

The Makings of the Best Boston Galas

Choose a Convenient Date

Eight to 12 months out from your desired event, your date should be finalized so you can start executing on all your event’s needs. In choosing the time of your gala, be sure you consider all parties who will be attending when determining what date will maximize attendance. Also consider any big launches or milestones that your organization has coming up, because these can come forth at your gala and impress guests.

How: Talk to key members of groups who will be attending to make sure the dates you are considering do not conflict with other prominent events.

Embrace an Imaginative Gala Theme

If every guest wants to make others’ dreams come true, your gala will be hugely successful. And your theme can set the groundwork for this desire. Consider a Las Vegas theme that lights up your event and guests’ imaginations. Las Vegas places no limits on lights, action, glamour and indulgence—making it the perfect fit to your extraordinary gala atmosphere.

How: Feathers, dice and cards are all cheap and easy Las Vegas theme decorations. You may even decide to set up a poker table to integrate some themed entertainment into your gala agenda.

Reserve a Remarkable Boston Venue

There is no shortage of local venues suited to Boston black tie events. This means you can find one that is perfectly suited to your gala theme and desired atmosphere. Planning a Boston gala is all about giving guests an amazing experience that speaks to their emotions and spurs action. Look for an impressive venue that really wows guests and whisks them away into your gala and its mission.

How: Use our venue finder to explore 30+ incredible Boston event spaces, including the following top picks for galas:

  • The Castle at Park Plaza: 14,642 square feet of flexible event space with soaring ceilings and wrought iron details welcome the grandest Boston galas.
  • Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation: Rich in 19th-century history and scenic views of the Charles River, this picturesque venue will take guests’ breath away.
  • 9OFS: The Boston skyline is more inspiring than ever when viewed from the open-air garden and modern rooms at 9OFS.
  • BSA Space: Being Boston’s first “green” skyscraper, this LEED platinum-certified building is at the forefront of modern event spaces. Let its state-of-the-art design speak to your advanced practices.
  • Commander’s Mansion: This exceptionally elegant building situated on seven beautiful acres welcomes guests with an unforgettable historic charm.

Send Out Detailed Invitations

The best gala invitations showcase your gala’s theme and provide pertinent information while making each invitee feel like a VIP. Look for an ornate design that is a wonderful expression of your organization and then fill it in with the color scheme that will deck out your venue. Add in these informative details and you’re ready to press on the stamps:

  • Gala’s purpose
  • Specialty food provided
  • Signature drinks served
  • Dress code
  • Venue directions
  • Cost and availability of tickets
  • How to RSVP

How: Order hard copies of your custom invitations along with response cards. You may also want to extend event information on your blog, social media and even local press.

Cultivate an Environment of Appreciation

Before your call to action can be effective, your guests need to be in the right frame of mind. They should be empowered and motivated by the knowledge and passion that fills your gala. Once filled with the spirit of generosity and gratitude brought forth by the sense of purpose fostered at your event, guests will seek ways to give back. Elevate this desire by sparking their sense of wonder—allowing them to believe that ambitious goals can be achieved by united efforts. 

How: Experiential food and hospitality moments give guests unforgettable memories tied to the event and your organization—bringing them closer to your purpose and more excited to back it.

Demonstrate Responsible Use of Resources

In addition to sparking an interest in your organization’s goals, the most effective galas also show that your team is effectively pursuing its mission thanks to the support and funding extended by individuals. This is why it is important to demonstrate efficiency and fiscal responsibility throughout your event. Our extensive scope of services set the groundwork for effortless planning and nimble use of assets. Guests will take note of the way our staff works together to deliver a flawless experience—a direct reflection on your team and its abilities.

How: Our team of experienced creatives specializing in everything from fashion and floral art to set design guarantees your event plans run without a glitch. We can oversee the finest details while managing all the big logistics—convincing guests that you aspire to the highest standards.

Enamor Guests with Fine Dining

When designing your custom menu, think innovative yet refined. The best gala menu items are imaginative yet formal—giving guests a sophisticated sample of what’s possible when experts put their best foot forward to surpass expectations. Served by professionals with a rich understanding of your event goals, guests will relax and enjoy a wonderful meal that speaks to all their senses.

How: During your personal food tasting and meeting to select hardware and creative installations used to display dishes, your catering experts will help you design a custom menu that is refined and satisfying.

Give Guests Tangible Experiences

With an understanding of your cause and having seen firsthand your commitment to excellence, guests only need to be brought closer to your mission so they are ready to join it. After talking to those who have benefited from your organization’s work and hearing stories of those affected by it, they will be anxious to take action to continue these efforts.

How: Set out tangible objects connected to your cause for guests to handle as they mix and mingle—literally connecting them to your mission and its history.

Bring in Fun Entertainment

Formal events can be very exciting ones too. Your DJ, live band or raffle orchestrator can ensure guests remain energized and motivated throughout your event. Be sure to bring in one performer who can really put on a show and rally the crowds around your mission. Doing so not only increases the value of your event but is also likely to help extend its impact by helping your gala make the news.

How: Talk to local artists and performers about attending your event and supporting your cause. In return, you can offer them some great publicity.

Say Thank You Many Times!

From custom party favors designed to give guests lasting memories of your gala and its mission to thank you cards sent out after your gala, keep the reminders of your gratitude coming. Guests will eagerly await other opportunities to support your cause and appreciate you taking the time to recognize their commitment to it. Continued communication is key to fostering your extensive network of supporters.

How: Giving guests something as simple as chocolates wrapped with your event date shows you care and reminds them of your fabulous gala. You may even send out more with your thank you letter to VIP guests.

Balls in Boston are unique events that call for an experienced team dedicated to realizing all your event goals and surpassing expectations. If you have any questions about how to plan a Boston gala that will have guests talking and giving, contact us online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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