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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Dec 6, 2017

The Boston Cocktail Event That Inspired Clients

We knew our nimble catering team would be the perfect match for a company event that boasted the idea of strength + flexibility and focus + adaptability. Using performance and agility to cultivate success is a concept that resonates with us, so we were excited to plan a dynamic client cocktail event true to this company’s values.

Boston Cocktail Event That Inspired Clients

Our imaginative planners went all-out to create a captivating experience for the 100 guests who stepped into 9OFS on November 9. We invite you to take a look at the finished product—a flawless modern event filled with personality and inspiration.

Customizing 9OFS for a Dynamic Company Event

Welcome to 9OFS: Enjoy a Cocktail

The black cherry bourbon smash signature cocktail that greeted guests at 9OFS made a fantastic first impression. Bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters, cherry juice and black cherry garnish gave many guests their first taste of an unsurpassed company event.

9 OFFS Black Cherry Bourbon Smash Cocktail

Of course, we wanted guests to have the flexibility of choosing a cocktail that suits their taste and style. On modern white pedestals, guests found these other tasty options:

  • Apple cider Manhattan
  • Best pear: Grey Goose vodka, pear, rosemary
  • Cranberry spiced cider: rum

Bask in a Dramatic Atmosphere

Boston Event Lighting did an incredible job of creating a vibrant ambiance in this breathtaking Boston venue. The beaming blue outdoor lighting and brilliant red indoor uplighting brought extra energy and excitement to guests. Complementary bold red floral pieces added a classy touch throughout the modern space and focused guests’ attention on key areas and offerings.

Blue Lighting off the Stunning City
Add in the incredible city views that 9OFS offers, with both stunning buildings and lush grass spreads in close proximity, and it is no wonder guests were captivated by the scene. From the time doors opened at 4:30pm to the event close at 10pm, the talented DJ from Beat Train Productions had quite the backdrop for entertaining guests.

DJ from Beat Train Productions

But even with energy and enthusiasm at an all-time high, the company wanted guests to be able to relax and unwind. Many great ideas and emotions were shared in the lounge. Guests decompressed in this comfortable modern setting.
Modern and Comfortable Event Seating

Satisfy Your Cravings

We designed a vast menu to reflect how this company delivers everything their clients ask for or could even dream of! Guests may not have even known they were craving some of the delicious small bites until they discovered them in seemingly every corner. That’s what we are here to do—anticipate and meet your needs before they even arise!

Tantalized by the clean presentations and brilliant fresh ingredients, guests enjoyed a wonderful variety of passed hors d’oeuvres, French fet and small plates.

 Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

  • Sweet garlic toast: roasted garlic, mushrooms, crisp herbs
  • Lobster roll: pimenton, micro celery
  • Crab croquette: remoulade, hill
  • Chicken poutine: maplebrook curds, petite Belgium waffle
  • Steamed buns: bao bun, pork belly, quick pickle
  • Smoked hanger steak: salt and pepper crust, roasted garlic aioli, rosemary
  • Korean short rib taco: gojuchang

Korean Short Rib Tacos Passed Hors D'oeuvres

French Fet

  • Petite tartine: white truffle chicken salad, smoked salmon, avocado smash, roasted beet, crab cocktail
  • Fromage: raclette, brie, French feta, Roquefort accoutrements: mostarda, dried fruits, gourmet crackers, BG seeded crackers, grilled baguette
  • Charcuterie: prosciutto, salami, pâté de campagne, vegetable terrine, foie gras mousse pâté accompaniments: cornichon, capers, red onion, dried fruit chutney, micro greens, pommera mustard, fruit jam

French Charcuterie Station Stationary Appetizers

Baby It’s Cold Outside Small Plates

  • Grilled chicken paillard: tarragon beurre blanc, wild rice, mushrooms, roasted shallots, herbs
  • Pastrami lamb ribs: cipollini—fresno chili relish, yukon gold homefries
  • Linguini: celery root cream, apples, truffle salted buttermilk fried shallots
  • Little gem salad: roasted chioggia beets, mint, toasted garlic chips, sherry vinaigrette

Grilled chicken Paillard and Pastrami Lamb Ribs Small Plates Action Station

Seize Opportunities

Guests had no problem finding plenty of desirable food and drinks throughout the event. There certainly was no shortage of either, especially when you take a look at the full bar, which included red and white wines, a phenomenal array of beers, mixers and other favorite alcoholic beverages. It is not surprising that in all the amazing photos David Fox Photography captured there are plenty of drinks in hand!

Socializing with Beers and Cocktails

We loved to watch guests pair their favorite small bites and drinks, but we also took great satisfaction in them taking advantage of the perfect pairs that they found at the whiskey and bite tasting bar:

  • Quail eggs + hash with Berkshire Mountain corn whiskey
  • Smoked nuts with Bully Boy white whiskey
  • Petite pork belly + cheddar scone with Hudson single malt

Small Bites with Berkshire Whiskey, Smoked Nuts and Pork Belly

Keep Dreaming and Enjoying: Innovative Desserts

By the time guests got around to visiting the dessert lab, it was time to spark their creativity yet again. Upon a sleek and sophisticated design, guests found these creative sweets:

  • Pumpkin cheesecake: salted caramel cream
  • White chocolate mousse: caramel popcorn, sugared cranberries
  • Apple cider donuts: pastry cream, candied bacon
  • Pear + goat cheese tart: rosemary, honey drizzle, sugared almonds
  • Chocolate miso tart: caramelized raspberries, cashews

Whether the joy comes from featured guests like former New England Patriots players Rob Ninkovich and Niko Koutouvides or the newest company client, we are always overjoyed to see each guest enjoy a flawless experience. With creativity and professionalism abundant, it was a pure pleasure working together to make this event a huge success.

If you want to bring our innovative cuisine and unsurpassed service to your next event, contact us online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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