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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Nov 21, 2014

8 Company Holiday Party Activities for Boston Events

If you are planning a company holiday party and want a few ideas for how to engage your holiday party guests, we’ve put together a list for you!

Here are 8 holiday party activities for your Boston holiday party.

Holiday Party Activity: Holiday Gift Swap

gift swap

Everyone loves a holiday gift swap, whether it goes by the name of “White Elephant” or another. Set a dollar limit for gifts ($25 – $35 usually works best). Then have each guest participating in the corporate holiday party gift swap purchase a gift within that limit. Wrap it up (with no name on it) and place it under the holiday tree or on a holiday gift table. The game begins when one person selects a gift, opens it, then sits back and waits. The next person has the option to open a new gift or steal the gift of the person before him or her. If a gift is stolen, the person who has lost their gift gets to choose a new one, and then the next person in line selects a gift or steals an open gift. The corporate holiday party will be exciting and energized through this festive take on the gifting experience.

Holiday Party Activity: Cocktail Hour and Hors d’ Oeuvres

cocktail hour

Turn your corporate holiday party into a fancy, upscale soiree with just one small addition: host a holiday-themed cocktail hour with passed or stationary hors d’ oeuvres and a signature drink. Incorporate cocktails in holiday-inspired flavors like cinnamon, cranberry, maple, pumpkin, ginger, allspice, eggnog and more, and serve hors d’ oeuvres that pair well with those flavors. Don’t forget about those who don’t drink alcohol beverages. Virgin versions of any cocktail can be just as festive and enjoyable.

Holiday Party Activity: Traditional Dancing

traditional dancing

Hire a dance troupe to come and entertain your guests at your holiday party event, and make sure to hire a group that is completely immersed in holiday traditions. Work to incorporate traditional holiday dances from around the world to keep your guests entertained with all of the different cultural influences present in the holiday season. Better yet, see if the dance troupe can take a little time and teach the holiday party group a little bit of a traditional dance, allowing guests to become more engaged in the holiday party activity. It will be fun for the whole group!

Holiday Party Activity: Holiday Sing-a-Long


What’s spreads holiday spirit and cheer more than a holiday tune? Take time to design a book of lyrics for your group’s favorite holiday jingles, jams and melodies, then distribute a book to each of the guests as they enter the party. Be sure to include festive tunes from all over the world, incorporating all cultures’ holiday traditions so that there truly is something for everyone. The book of lyrics doubles as a neat party favor.

Holiday Party Activity: Show and Tell

gift swap

Sticking with the idea of keeping something for everyone, ask each guest to bring something that represents his or her cultural or family holiday tradition. Let guests share what makes the holiday season so special to him or her. This fun activity will bring an international element to your holiday party, adding a festive dimension that the corporate holiday party group might otherwise not have gotten to enjoy. It also personalizes the party experience for corporate holiday party guests, making your holiday party one they are sure to remember.

Holiday Party Activity: Decorate an Ornament and a Tree

decorate ornament and tree

Trees have become an international system of the holiday season, regardless of whether Christmas is celebrated or not. Have an empty tree ready for ornaments at your corporate holiday party with nothing but a strand of lights to decorate it. Then, allow guests to decorate ornaments with their favorite holiday symbols and words using art supplies provided by the party planning committee. Make available glue, glitter, permanent markers, sequins, paint, ribbon, pinecones and other holiday-themed decorations for guests to coat their ornaments. Then have them hang their completed, dried ornaments on the holiday party tree. Let them take their ornaments home at the end of the night as a memento.

Holiday Party Activity: Gift Box for the Less Fortunate

gift box

Give your corporate holiday party a give-back feel by incorporating a philanthropic effort. Collect gently used or new items to donate to the less fortunate during this holiday season, including toys and clothes for children, clothes and business items for adults and nonperishable goods to give to soup kitchens or to the hungry. Create a donations goal before the party and rally the team to try to exceed the goal. Tally up all of the goods collected at the end of the night and announce if the goal was met. Either way, plenty of people will be thrilled with the donated goods, and your holiday party guests will feel great about giving back this holiday season.

Holiday Party Activity: Cookie Decorating and Swapping

cookie decorating

Decorating holiday cookies is fun for the whole family and is perfect for all types of familiar and casual holiday parties. Provide your guests with a variety of flat, round or shaped cookies including sugar, chocolate peppermint, ginger and cinnamon. Offer plenty of vanilla or white frostings, food coloring (and bowls for mixing the white frosting with the food coloring), sprinkles, colored decorative icing tubes, Red Hots and other candies, peppermint pieces, chocolate chips and more. Guests decorate the cookies, and then take them home to eat later, swap them with coworkers and other party guests or enjoy them on the spot. It will be a fun and interactive corporate holiday party activity sure to bring smiles to your holiday party guests’ faces.

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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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