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Kelsey Raymond
Nov 12, 2013

7 Corporate Holiday Party Trends

We love November in Boston. At BG Events & Catering, we know that this time of year is special.

Though many companies in our client base are winding down their holiday planning process, there is still plenty of time to put together a really fabulous holiday event for your company or organization.

As so many of our holiday parties this year have already been carefully thought out and planned, we have had the opportunity to notice several trends, some of which are a continuation from last year’s holiday party season.

We’d like to share with you seven of the corporate holiday party trends we’ve gathered so far this year.

1.  Charity is big, and parties that give back are even bigger.

Many companies have always incorporated charity into their holiday parties.  Some of the most popular include donations to toy drives, food drives and winter clothing drives.  This year, many hosts and hostesses are into doubling their give back efforts, opting to give holiday gifts, holiday party favors and holiday party prizes purchased through gift companies that give back as well.

give back with a charity event

2.  Main acts are out—smaller entertainment and social activities are in.

Gone are the days of the “main event,” unless, of course, the main event is a speech by the President or CEO of the company (those days are still very much alive).  Instead of a headliner at the event, a lot of organizations are choosing to book multiple smaller, more social activities and games.  Where there used to be one big performance, there are now five smaller, wandering “acts,” or interactive games and events for guests to enjoy.

small entertainment acts are in

Small entertainment acts like a choir are in

3.  Food stations are hot…and cold.

Much like interaction is crucially important to the party’s entertainment factor, it is important in the food and catering factor as well.  Participation is really the name of the game, and food stations continue to top the Holiday Parties Most Wanted list.  Hot and cold food stations, chef-carving stations, and design-your-own stations are always a hit.  We live in the age of customization, after all, and this concept really fits that want!

Carving station

4. Around the world cuisine remains a go-to for many corporate events

Global cuisine is extremely popular, and the holidays are no different.  Of course, many organizations prefer to go the traditional route, serving ham or turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, etc.  Some push to incorporate international twists on the classic holiday foods.  Still, others opt to go as far as their imaginations will let them, utilizing Moroccan, Mediterranean, Brazilian or Japanese-inspired themes and their accompanying dishes.  It’s a fantastic way to make a holiday party stand out from the numerous other holiday parties that folks must attend during this season of merriment.

dessert cups for a holiday party

5. Company-wide or department-wide holiday party?  It’s a split decision.

Some companies are celebrating as a whole while others are letting each department celebrate on its own.  The smaller celebrations open up the ability to host more “tailored” holiday events, such as venues of particular interest to a marketing team or games more suited for the IT department.

Larger, company-wide events allow members of each department the opportunity to meet and mingle with other company employees that they would otherwise never get to see.


guests at a corporate holiday party

guests at a corporate holiday event in Boston

6.  Holiday parties get intimate when the boss plays host.

Some organizations’ CEOs or Presidents have been opening up their homes for the annual holiday party.  It’s a more intimate, familiar and friendly experience for employees—which means more bonding opportunity for all departments—plus it saves significant funding that would have been spent on venue expenses.

Holiday light decor

7.  It’s an employee-client affair.

Some companies are choosing to open their holiday party guest list to more than just employees and spouses; they’re inviting some of their clients to celebrate as well.  This is an opportunity for the sales people and key staff members to network with clients, building an even greater rapport with the included clients.  Additionally, inviting clients make those individuals aware of how important they are to the business, making them feel like a part of the organization’s family by including them in company activities.

Guests at a holiday party in Boston

If it’s holiday crunch time, and you’re in charge, make sure that in all your hard work and preparation you’ve though of everything!  Use our Company Holiday Party Checklist to ease your worries and give your co-workers the ultimate holiday party.

The holidays might  be the biggest focus, but winter is a long season.  Stay warm until spring with six of the hottest winter-themed cocktails.

Kelsey Raymond

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