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Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman
Oct 11, 2013

25 Halloween Party Tips

25 Halloween Party Tips

Halloween is a time to be crafty, and when you’re hosting your own Halloween party, it’s all about the creativity.

We’ve scoured the web, our networks and our own planning teams’ experiences to bring you 25 Halloween party suggestions.  So here they are, our best Halloween party tips and ideas.  And of course, more great Halloween tips can be found on our Pinterest board, Halloween Party Ideas!

1.  Crafty cakes.  Two bundt cake pans are the perfect shape to create a pumpkin cake.  After baking them, just flip one upside down and connect the flat parts of each cake with orange frosting.  Then, cover the entire pumpkin-shaped cake with orange frosting.  Add a little green at the top and a stem (an upside down green colored or frosted ice cream cone works great for this) and you have the perfect pumpkin cake.

2.  Save a step.  Instead of painting a pumpkin white before decorating it with Halloween words and designs, just buy a white pumpkin—which are a real thing and much more popular than you might think!

Chic White Pumpkins
White pumpkins are classic, chic decoration for any Halloween party.

3.  Eyeballs.  String plastic googly eyes on fishing wire and hang them from the ceiling or wall to make both look like they have spooky eyes.

4.  Brain cakes.  Use a pastry bag with a number 10 round tip to decorate cupcakes or cakes.  In a big zigzag, crisscross pattern, stripe the cupcakes from one side of the other to look like brains.

5.  Edible eyeballs.  Doughnut holes dunked in white chocolate and decorated with skinny red lines and an M&M make the perfect edible eyeball.

6.  Christmas in October.  Use a gingerbread man cookie cutter to shape your cookies.  When the cookies are done cooking, add white frosting skeletons over each one to create skeleton cookies.

Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies
Get creative with cookie cutters and frosting.

7.  The double costume.  Make your Halloween costume a double.  Consider a two part costume or costume party, such as Scary Super Heroes.

8.  Pumpkin beer.  Turn a pumpkin into a keg by gutting it from the top and putting a small tap on the bottom.  Pour in the beer and enjoy.

9.  Ghost candies.  Paint two eyes and a mouth on individual pieces of meringue, adding a bunch of mini ghosts to your edible sweets table.

Halloween Desserts
Turn plain candies into edible decorations!

10. Safety first.  Use glow sticks instead of candles for easy, safe and colorful glowing pumpkins.

11. Simple and Spooky.  Use glow-in-the-dark paint to paint your pumpkin so that it glows in the dark, creating an easy pumpkin decoration.

12. Chinese Halloween.  Black, white, orange and purple Chinese lanterns make great Halloween party decorations.  Hang them over the food table for some fun.

Chinese Lanterns
Chinese lanterns set the Halloween party mood.

13. Pumpkin punch.  Carve out a pumpkin and cut the top off so the bottom looks like the shape of a large bowl.  Put a glass bowl inside to make a perfect pumpkin punch bowl.

14. Pumpkin cooler.  Using the same process as in 17, turn a bowl-shaped pumpkin into a cooler, and place beer into the pumpkin cooler.  Set it out at your party.

15. Floating hand.  Fill a plastic glove with water, tie it shut, and then put it into the freezer.  Use the hand-shaped ice cube to keep your punch cool…and to spook your guests.

16. Pumpkin dip.  Carve out a small pumpkin to fit around a small dip bowl.  Set your bowl (with dip) inside the carved pumpkin for presentation.

Pumpkin Bowl perfect for soup or dips
Pumpkins make perfect bowls for dips, punches and soups.

17. Shots.  Serve shots in plastic syringes.   The more colorful the shots, the more festive they are!

Shots in Syringes
Go “mad scientist” with plastic syringe shots.

18. Hanging webs.  Wrap black string around a blown up balloon in a crisscross and zigzag pattern to look like a spider web.  Spray with hairspray or spray glue, then pop the balloon.  Add plastic spiders to make it look like a ball of spider webs and spiders.  Hang from the ceiling for decoration.

19. Arachnophobia.  Tape black plastic spiders all along a light colored wall to make it look like a bug infestation.

20. Bloody candles.  Wax from a red candle looks like blood when you drip it over a light colored surface, such as a bigger white candle.

Candle Decorations for a Halloween Party
Candles are some of the most versatile Halloween decorations.

21. Mad scientist.  Put the heads of old dolls in jars and line them up for a creepy table decoration.

22. Baby pumpkins.  Color Jack-o-lantern faces on Clementines, tangerines, oranges or other small orange fruits you have sitting in your kitchen for edible everyday snacks.

Painted Clementines
Even your every day fruits and veggies can wear a costume.

23. Wine bottle décor.  Dress up your collection of old, empty wine bottles in classic Halloween characters, like a Jack-o-lantern, witch and vampire.

24. Pick your Poison.  Stock your bar with bottles of premixed drinks made in a collection of old fashioned bottles.  Label each with a creative—and spooky—drink name.

Halloween bottles
Dusty, spiderweb-ridden decor can double as part of your bar.

25. Pumpkin wrap.  Wrap small or medium sized pumpkins in dark mesh netting, tying the gathered ends at the tip with ribbon for classy, no mess décor.

More decor and lighting ideas and photos for all occasions can be found here!

Devora Millman, Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering
Devora Millman

Devora is the Director of Sales at BG Events & Catering.

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