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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Sep 28, 2017

2017 Holiday Preview Party Takeaways

We love holiday parties. Not only because they are filled with joy, but also because they welcome our touch of magic. From food to décor, these events ask our clients and professionals, “What else can you imagine?”

And this holiday season, we can imagine quite a lot. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our unique holiday party ideas each year at our preview party. To those who were able to attend this year, thank you! But we know not everyone could make it, so we want to recap some of our top tips and trends.

Imaginative Holiday Party Ideas

Elegant Décor and Classic Color Schemes

Guests of all ages are brimming with excitement and creativity this time of year. And simple yet beautiful décor invites their ideas to come forth and be the focus of attention. We love to use white florals and metallic table decorations to convey to guests that they are the stars.

Light Blue Linen with White Centerpiece Holiday Decor Modern Round Chair Backs with light blue linen holiday party decor Holiday Party Decoration Ideas and Flowers

Lending itself to wood accents and dynamic lighting, such décor is especially well suited to two of our favorite holiday party themes: winter woodland and glowing walk in the woods.

 Colorful Holiday Party Food

With plenty of white decorations in place, choose food that really pops out at guests. Knowing that our skilled chefs cook with only the freshest ingredients, color is easy to find on our holiday menu. And so too is innovation and creativity. Our industry-leading chefs are like scientists in the lab—testing and perfecting recipes. Guests especially love our maple pork tenderloin creation.

Interactive Station with Chef Creating Pork Tenderloin Entree Maple Pork Tenderloin Holiday Entree Holiday Party Signage on TV Screens Colorful Stationary Hors D'oeuvres

Healthy Holiday Party Menu Ideas

Guests wanting to offset all the sweets they enjoy this time of year are drawn to a more natural display of healthy dishes like our harvest salad and winter vegetables. Displays with greenery and wooden accents fit in flawlessly among a largely white décor.

Healthy Holiday Party Food Options

Energizing Drinks

Festive lighting and trendy design at the bar attract guests who may not even have been feeling thirsty. And that’s great, because everyone could use a punch of flavor and shot of hydration. Few will turn down a holiday drink bursting with color, beauty and seasonal flavors. Apple pie martini, anyone? How about a tantalizing combination of Hendricks gin, Cointreau rosemary, ruby red grapefruit and herbal flowers?

 Gin and Grapefruit Beverage with Holiday Decor Party BostonCreative Bar Sign in Lights Holiday Apple Pie Martini Beverage Events Drinks Alcohol

Global Cuisine

Embrace a variety of cultures, styles and ideas by designing a diverse holiday party menu. A custom menu with dishes from around the world also ensures everyone finds exactly what they are craving.

Guests looking for a healthy tropical dish will visit the Hula Holiday food station that offers:

  • Kalua Lu’au Pork: okinawa sweet potatoes, sherry garlic butter, paprika
  • Macadamia-Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi: pineapple relish, rice noodles, coconut + lime dressing, watercress, cilantro, pickled fresno chile, peanuts
  • Vegetable Poke: cucumber, carrot, hijiki, striped beets, Japanese sweet potato
  • Wild Salmon Poke: red cabbage, edamame, pickled cucumber, seaweed salad, carrot, pickled ginger

healthy tropical dish will visit the Hula Holiday food station

Others might desire an elegant bite of French cuisine. No problem; at our French Fete food station, they will enjoy these fine dishes:

  • Petite Tartine: white truffle chicken salad, smoked salmon, avocado smash, roasted beet, crab cocktail
  • Fromage: raclette, brie, French feta, roquefort accoutrements: mostarda, dried fruits, gourmet crackers, bg seeded crackers grilled baguette
  • Charcuterie: prosciutto, salami, pâté de campagne, vegetable terrine, foie gras mousse pâté accompaniments: cornichon, capers, red onion, dried fruit chutney, micro greens, pommera mustard, fruit jam

French Fete food station Holiday Party Event Boston

Creative Presentation

We believe that your creativity shows best in the things you are most passionate about. And for us, that is food! That is why we love to set out small bites in innovative displays. Our sirloin noisette intrigues guests and rewards their curiosity with a scrumptious bite of porcini, ponzu glaze, cloumage, maldon salt, butter roasted radish and crispy kale.

Creative Wall Appetizers Sirloin Noisette Presentation

Modern Holiday Party Venue

Although our unique food displays will bring life to any party, we encourage you to choose a modern location that is stylish in its own right. One of our favorite Boston holiday party venues is the BSA Space in downtown. It clearly has the touch of passionate and stylish architects and invites festive lighting. And we are proud that they chose us as their exclusive caterer. It is always an honor to work with others who are equally committed to providing exceptional service.

BSA Space Boston Holiday Party Venue BSA Space Boston Holiday Party Venue

Playful Desserts and Holiday Party Activities

During the holidays, everyone is a kid at heart. So give them a gingerbread man or cupcake, and add a bit of your unique style to both. When they are filled with happiness and a good dose of sugar, they can’t help but stop by the photo booth for a bit of fun. Complete with fun props, this is one of our top holiday party entertainment ideas.

Gingerbread Man and Cupcake Holiday Party Desserts Holiday Party Photobooth with Props

If you are in the Boston area and ready to plan an unforgettable holiday party, then we invite you to learn more about the BSA Space. This hotly sought-after holiday party venue is sure to book up fast.

But don’t worry; our team of experts is ready to put your unique style into any venue and menu you choose. Just contact us online or give us a call at 617.581.1150.

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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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