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Charlie Bougas
Mar 11, 2014

2014 Event and Wedding Trends

This year is already shaping up to be a wonderful, exciting and truly stylish year for events and weddings.

Some of the events BG has put together thus far—and even more of the events on the horizon—are following similar trends and patterns thanks to some influence in the media and pop culture.

Additionally, some of the trends from decades past are coming back into style, and we couldn’t be more excited.

What’s Trending for Weddings in 2014?

Wedding Trends: The Great Gatsby-effect is still going strong! Brides and grooms are loving the lavishly overdone roaring 20’s-style weddings and receptions. Other popular wedding themes and colors feature ultra-deluxe styles, neutral-muted palates and pops of a vibrant color such as radiant orchid or red poppy. It’s a beautiful contrast.

Additional wedding trends include family-style service mixed with a “woodland glam.” Rustic and elegant are two words we hear often and have enjoyed incorporating into reception atmospheres. Most weddings once again feature artfully designed wedding cakes—a trend that disappeared for a while but is making a very strong comeback.

One final trend is drama. Drama is a big wedding component this year—in the look that is! Brides are adorning themselves with oversized and extravagant veils and dresses, and they expect similar details in the wedding décor.

What’s Trending for Events in 2014?

Event Trends: More popular than ever are oversized, dramatic and spectacular food presentations. The industrial look has been popular for a while now, and that trend will continue into this year—think scaffolding, trusses and commercial shelving. Also, events are incorporating a sophisticated, appointed look with thoughtful touches of elegance.

One HUGE trend that we will only see becoming more popular this year are events being totally plugged into social media—Instagram, Twitter and Facebook being the three biggest.

What Styles Are Most Popular for 2014?

2014 Styles: We are seeing a lot of combinations in style, for example, an event that mixes rustic and vintage with mirrored farm table tops and crystal centerpieces. This juxtaposition of contemporary elements and retro 50’s, 60’s or even 20’s styles is gorgeous.

On the contrary, many events are still taking on the modern, clean, “museum” type style. Where the former is more popular with event design-focused clients, the latter is by far more popular for the food-centric events where the menu items and cuisine are the main focus.

popular table setting trend

What Are the Trends for Florals in 2014?

Floral Trends: One of our favorite florals continues to be the tree peony. It’s elegance is very diverse and beautiful. Bringing “glamping” elements to events has become somewhat of a trend this year as well, so in addition to the diversely elegant florals, natural elements infused with crystals and sparkles are extremely popular.

Flowers that blend vintage fashion and art-deco style—black, gold and white—with some softer hues—think peach, blush and mint—combine for unique and elegant décor options.

Floral trends

What Are the Food Trends in 2014?

2014 Event Food Trends: This year, we are seeing a lot of wonderful food trends. For example, two popular items are chef action tables and pod presentations where guests are given a menu and can order from the service team preparing items at the chef’s bar.

In addition to pods and tables, what is old is now new again. What we mean is that for every “vintage-meets-contemporary” design trend, there is an equal menu. Trending are the renovated classics prepared with amazing technique, approachable look and beautiful delicacy. Chicken is one of the most amazing of these 2014 food trends. Poultry is back, but it’s not your mother’s chicken. Think much more modern in uses and preparations! Ancient grains like faro and quinoa have also been big over the last couple of years, and they’re not going anywhere this year either.

Food trends

What are the Drink Trends in 2014?

2014 Drink Trends: Nouveau! We love it—and so do our brides, event planners and event guests. One final 2014 trend in which our Dr!nk team is fully participating is infused ice cubes. We are using this technique to add flavor to and enhance cocktails of all sorts. They are fun, fruity and an impressive yet simple way to take a cocktail reception up a level.

2014 drink trends

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