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Michele Zimmerman
Oct 13, 2015

2 Holiday Party Themes We Absolutely Adore

The fall season only means one thing: the holidays will be here in a blink of an eye! If you are a Boston company with a budget to host a holiday party, you should already have a set date, venue and a premier catering company. If not, get on it! Or maybe you are so organized that you coordinated the major items, have finished picking your theme and associated decor. To you, kudos!

For those who need some help in the creative department, we would like to introduce you to two of our favorite holiday party themes: “Winter Woodland” and “Make Merry.” Both are neutral, in that guests from any cultural or religious background can appreciate the wintry joy associated with each of the themes. Of course neutral doesn’t mean boring. We are always pushing the limits of possibility in catering, and holiday party features are limitless!

If you choose one of these themes, your guests will be stepping out of the wintry mix on the streets of Boston and into a lively scene of a rich, glamorous celebration.

Winter Woodland Holiday Party Theme

Winter Woodland Holiday Party Theme

Rustic chic — that trendy design phrase you’ve heard all year. Well, it has been popular because it’s, well, gorgeous! When paired with elements of wood, organic linens, industrial pieces and even small animals as décor, your Winter Woodland will come alive. We have matched simple, elegant décor with our suggested signature drinks and activities to give you examples of how to personalize your holiday party.

Glowing Walk in the Woods

Woodland Creature Holiday Decorations

Imagine welcoming guests to your party by way of a snowy walk through an evergreen forest. We can help you decorate as you envision, but we would suggest the following additions that have made an appearance in the latest holiday couture:

  • Scatter small woodland creatures about the entrance – in trees and behind rocks. These charming little guys will light up the faces of your guests of all ages as they begin to feel like they are in a holiday storybook!
  • Hang soft white branches over the copper-colored runway that flows between your woodland setup, completely immersing your guests into your theme.

Rustic Signature Drinks

mulled wine

As guests wander to the bar, we will be waiting there to help them get their party started. Adorn rustic evergreen, pinecones and tousles of baby’s breath to brighten up strings of beautiful LED lights so that your bar will be a fun place to stop over and over. Our specialty is our customizable signature drink menu but here are a few suggestions to go along with your Winter Woodland theme:

  • Mulled wine with cranberries and rosemary
  • Maple-bourbon Chai tea toddy

Note: We always serve nonalcoholic drinks as well for those driving or underage.

*Custom Menus: To go along with our signature drinks, we will have a set menu coordinated perfectly to your theme. Of course, our catering team will work directly with you to ensure they accommodate for any dietary needs or specific tastes in food.

’Tis the Season for Giving:

If you have asked guests to bring a charitable donation in the form of money or gifts, may we suggest having a gift-wrapping station! Of course, the wrapping will be burlap and the bows made of colorful soft twine. Guests could drop their rustic chic package in our life-size woodland sleigh and admire the pile of gifts that will continue to grow as the night progresses.

Memories to Take Home:

Log Cabin Backdrop

If your guest list is large enough, it might be fun to set up a backdrop of a cozy cabin scene where guests can pose for pictures! Our event planning team can help you choose a photographer who can help guests pose in their new rustic home in the woods. It might be fun to have props on hand as well. Small woodland animals like a fox, squirrels and owls could be a great feature to some entertaining photos!

Make Merry Holiday Party Theme

Dreaming of a White Holiday Party

The chic look of this holiday party includes warm shades of white, a variety of metallic accents, snowy or frosted décor and beautiful lights. They are not only traditional holiday decorations, but also happen to be a current design trend, as LED lights are so simple to hang from ceilings, beneath bar tables, around DJ stands or wherever you can imagine. So, we’ll go along with that and create a space so inviting that guests will not want to leave at the end of the night!

All-White Holiday Party

As guests enter your party, we imagine they will smile as Bing Crosby’s booming voice sings his classic carols. If you plan for an intimate party with a small guest list, we think it would be cool to have a record player adorned with small pea-sized LED lights! It is a true meeting of vintage and contemporary style. As always, playing music that makes your guests sing-along will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Industrial Look, Warm Feelings

Industrial Holiday Party Food Bar

The theme will have décor that looks handmade, using aged metals, metallic accents and various shades of white linens and other natural materials. We will write our place settings and cuisine descriptions in flowing cursive print as well as life-size copper letters glowing with antique light bulbs, possibly spelling “Make Merry” or whatever else you would like!

White Signature Drinks

Elegant and soft, our Make Merry theme would only be complete with a delicious signature drink made especially by our catering team. We suggest the following choices:

  • Bubbly Champagne with a toss of fresh berries at the bottom of the glass
  • White Cranberry Martini

A Snowy Lounge

A Snowy Lounge white couches and lounge area

Guests can share a drink and some hors d’oeuvres with old or new friends at our snowy lounge! Our furniture rental partners can bring in soft white couches embellished with rustic linen pillows and plush white blankets. To make it a more intimate area, we envision beaded lamps set on the side table near the couches and, of course, a handcrafted wood table on which to set your drinks.

This blog offers only a small peak into the possibilities for these two holiday party themes. Most likely, we have stirred your interest enough that you may want to speak with one of our event planning professionals. Please call or email us, as we are happy to help you with all the steps to make your holiday party unforgettable!

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