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Denise DeSimone
Jan 9, 2014

10 Winter Party and Wedding Ideas and Themes

We’ve scoured the web for our favorite winter-themed party ideas and winter wedding themes, as well as perused through our repertoire of winter-themed weddings and events, and brought them all together for you right here.

Now that the holidays are over and we’ve rung in the New Year, no one wants to see another red and green party for at least ten months.  But, even though we’re holiday-partied-out, we can still enjoy ourselves this year with these awesome winter party theme ideas and any of these winter party tips.  Or, we can get a jump start on planning a beautiful winter wedding and reception for a year or two to come.

Winter Party Ideas and Winter Wedding Themes

Ski Chalet.  This theme is very wintery, cozy and chic.  Incorporate elegant, natural pieces and rustic, sophisticated wooden accents.  Fireplaces are a plus, so if your venue has one, feature it prominently.

  • Menu:  Hearty stews, such as rabbit or beef, with a s’mores bar for dessert
  • Drinks:  Craft beers and red wine
  • Décor:  Acorns, pine trees, winter wreaths, snowy branches and other ski resort décor

Ski chalet winter themeWhite Winter Wonderland.  White, white and more white.  White décor, white flowers, a white sweets table, a white cake and white place settings will make this an elegant and beautiful theme.

  • Menu:  White fish, shrimp, crab or lobster with veggies
  • Drinks:  White wine
  • Décor:  White everything!

Winter wonderland themed partyFire and Ice.  They might seem like clashing elements, but fire and ice is a sultry winter party theme that incorporates the best bright reds and light, icy blues.

  • Menu:  A sophisticated surf-and-turf menu with cold seafood appetizers and hot hors d’oeuvres, such as this fire and ice appetizer
  • Drinks:  Two specialty cocktails, such as drinks with Fireball Whiskey or Blue Curacao
  • Décor:  A single event space divided into two distinct areas, one featuring fiery reds and the other frosty blues

Fire and ice themed partyCozy Romantic.  This warm and welcoming theme will have guests wishing they were snuggled up on a couch with a mug of hot cocoa.  Warm colors against wooden décor are inviting and oh-so-cozy.

  • Menu:  Soups, stews and chowders
  • Drinks:  Winter lagers and warm cocktails.  Hot toddies, mulled wine and other warm cocktails from this list of warm winter cocktails
  • Décor:  Deep reds, browns and purples with candles and votives throughout the entire event space

Cozy romantic themed partyWinter Woods.  This is a beautiful theme idea that incorporates the deep greens of the forest, wintery trees and the sharp white of fresh snow.

  • Menu:  Roasted or deep-fried game, such as turkey or pheasant
  • Drinks:  White and red wine, craft beer
  • Décor:  Pine green with plenty of pinecones, acorns and other forest-inspired elements

Winter wood themed partyFine Wines.  This scene can either be created in a wine cellar or recreated to appear like a wine cellar.  Oak barrels and other wooden elements could line the walls, and dark wooden tables and chairs serve as décor all on their own.

  • Menu:  Mediterranean-inspired dishes with pastas and fresh herbs
  • Drinks:  A classy selection of red and white wines with a dessert wine for after-dinner drinks
  • Décor:  Elements of oak and deep reds with plenty of candles and candelabras

Fine wine winter themed partyRe-New Year.  This beautiful and timeless winter party would focus around the concept of time.  Between the centerpieces, wall art, place settings and accent pieces, this theme very tastefully incorporates clocks, watches, timepieces and anything else time-related into the event design.  It’s chic, classy and very glitzy.

  • Menu:  Roast duck
  • Drinks:  Champagne upon arrival, but also classic cocktails such as martinis, cosmos and Manhattans
  • Décor:  Sparkles, glitter, sequins and a big ball to “drop” at midnight

Re-new year themed partySnow Globe.  Welcome guests inside your favorite snow globe.  This winter party theme is floor-to-ceiling white with fun winter elements dancing throughout the venue.

  • Menu:  Hearty menu items, though this event’s feature will be the sweets table with a variety of cakes, tarts, pies, cheesecakes and candies
  • Drinks:  White wine, dessert wine and cocktails such as gin and tonic
  • Décor:  Bring the outside in with snow-covered shrubbery, benches, light posts and other outdoor fixtures

snow globed themed partyCountryside Winter.  This theme is much more casual than most of the others on this list.  Guests can cozy up in big, warm sweaters while admiring the whites and rustic colors of their surroundings.  Those brave enough to endure the outdoors (with the help of a heater, most likely) can turn their outdoor party space into a beautiful and memorable evening.

  • Menu:  Mashed potato bar and beef tenderloin carving station
  • Drinks:  Something warm, like Irish coffee, and mulled wine at dinner
  • Décor:  Lots of white, obviously, incorporating furry blankets, seat cushions and pillows into the décor to make it functional and warm as well as beautiful

country side winter themeBlack and Ivory.  This theme is winter parties at their most sophisticated.  The two colors, used in elegant and tasteful patterns, will dominate the evening’s look, while an equally elegant menu feeds and hydrates guests.

  • Menu:  Passed appetizers leading up to a plated dinner of parmesan crusted chicken or Portobello mushrooms
  • Drinks:  Full, premium bar
  • Décor:  Black and ivory, in a chic striped, chevron or other simple, decorative pattern, paired with assorted florals and elegant centerpieces on each table

black and ivory themed partyAll of these ideas and more can be found on our Winter Party Theme Ideas Pinterest board.  For more winter party and wedding ideas, warm up your guests by serving one of these six warm winter cocktails!

Denise DeSimone

Denise is an Event Planner at BG Events & Catering.

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