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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg
Dec 10, 2014

10 Boston Party Themes for 2015

It’s almost 2015, and that means a new year filled with plenty of new, exciting, fun, eventful Boston parties and events. A new year means innumerable upcoming company parties, personal parties, corporate functions, fundraisers, special events and more, and these ten party theme ideas for 2015 should help steer you in the right party planning direction. Utilize these party theme ideas when planning your décor, entertainment, menu, drinks and more for your 2015 Boston events.

10 Boston Party Themes and Ideas for 2015:

  1. All One Color—you’ve seen winter wonderland events “en blanc” where everything—from linens and lights to menu items and guests’ outfits—is showcased in stark whites. For an updated 2015 twist on this event theme, choose any color at all for your event’s direction. Select a color, then utilize hues of that color throughout your event space and event menu to create an awesome all-red, all-green, all-whichever-color-you-choose event that guests will never forget.
  2. one colorOld Tyme Event—take a trip down memory lane and utilize the days of old when planning your event. For company events, old flyers, photos of old products and more to remind your guests of your company’s roots will provide great enjoyment for event-goers. Not old enough as a company (or not planning a company event) for this to work? Head to the nearest antique store or flea market for anything from the past, or do your best to recreate décor that reminds you of the early 1900s. Guests dress in period attire, menus focus on dishes from the old days and everyone gets a chance to momentarily live in another time.
  3. old tymeInspirational—perfect for events that incorporate fundraising, giving back, moving forward or bringing in new changes (such as brand rollouts, new client partnerships, etc.), this theme should utilize the images, stories and quotes of inspirational people the world over. With plenty of businesspeople, peacemakers, athletes and more from which to select inspiration, your guests will be overwhelmed and positively influenced by the end of the gathering.
  4. A Night Out in Hollywood—reserve the nicest space you can find, because this event theme is perfect for an upscale gala. The entire room should be decked out in dark colors, strands of lights, glitter and red carpets, with champagne toasts and hors d’ oeuvres galore—the perfect atmosphere for formal dress, dancing, dinner and celebrations. Don’t forget a photographer and plenty of “red carpet” photo opportunities.
  5. All Things Vegas—Las Vegas is a city filled with bright lights, neon, fun games, plenty of excitement and a lot of entertainment. Set your event up like a casino, incorporating fun games and plenty of bright lighting and glitter. Have wandering acts—magicians, jugglers, dancers, singers and other performers—entertain game players, and offer a variety of cocktails, menu items and desserts so that there is something for everyone. Have guests dress as if they were about to attend a Vegas show to really set the mood and bring the theme to life.
  6. vegasLiterary Classics—everyone knows that classic literature has left its mark on society. Choose a well-known work of literary art, such as one of Shakespeare’s plays, and bring it to life through décor, music, menu items and more.
  7. Outdoor Garden Party—nothing says “classy fun” quite like a garden party. Flower arrangements should adorn most surfaces, patterned china should be utilized for meals and plenty of café-style seating should be available for guests to sit on while enjoying their food items and drinks. Whether this party is held indoors or outdoors, bring the outdoor garden party theme to life with brunch-style menu items, plenty of teas and coffees, alcoholic beverages such as mint juleps and light orchestral music wafting through the event space.
  8. eco-friendlySeasonal Florals—no matter the season, there are flowers to accompany it. Go all out with a flower-power sensational theme completely adorned from floor to ceiling with seasonal florals. Incorporate seasonal flowers into décor elements such as tablescapes, around entry and exit points, into party favors and more, creating an elegant space that all partygoers will love. Afraid that too many florals will aggravate allergies?  There are plenty of silk flower options that might be perfect for your seasonal floral event.
  9. Eco-friendly & Healthy—when it comes to parties, the best thing you could do for your group—and the world—is to throw an eco-friendly bash. Utilize only recycled or recyclable décor elements (colored wine bottles as vases, baskets filled with fruits and vegetables, etc.), bring in natural elements where possible (like potted plants), recycle whatever can be recycled (including paper, plastic, cardboard and more in marked easy-to-use bins) and encourage your guests to hop on the eco-friendly bandwagon when it comes to transportation (carpool, walk, take bikes…you name it). Utilize a locally-sourced menu to cut down on food transportation costs and gas, have your event outside to cut back on artificial lighting and consider bamboo chips in your grill instead of charcoal.  It’s an earth-friendly event that everyone will love.
  10. Charity—in this event theme, every element gives back. Select a venue that has a partnership with a charity, ensuring that even your booking gives to someone in need. Have your caterer source from local artisans, bakers, chefs and more when planning your menu, supporting local businesses and increasing awareness about their capabilities.  Utilize décor from worldwide fair trade businesses, offer take-home gifts that come from one-for-one companies and hold an auction that donates proceeds to charity.  Your guests will love a classy event that gives to those who need it most.


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Timothy Seeberg, Senior Event Planner at BG Events & Catering
Timothy Seeberg

Timothy Seeberg is the Director of Major Events at BG.

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