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BG’s Smokin’ Stand Featured in Catering Magazine

There is something magical about watching smoke escape to reveal a perfectly seasoned small bite. We got that same feeling as we flipped through the January/February issue of Catering Magazine. The “Smoking Hot Starters” feature is filled with creative applications of this ancient preservation technique. Have you ever noticed how people can stare into a fire, almost in a trance? A smoking station set up by Boston’s top catering company will have the same effect. At the BG Smokin’ Stand, we invite guests to fill little black cauldrons with their choice of fresh ingredients for our chefs to lightly smoke on the spot as they watch in awe. Remove the lid and a puff of smoke reveals a delicious starter like:
  • Glazed salmon with a pomegranate-balsamic reduction garnished with the fruit’s blood-red seeds
  • Oregano-marinated grilled chicken with mushroom polenta cake
  • Roasted butternut squash with wilted greens and mozzarella
No cooking method can tenderize and add the depth of flavor that smoking can. That is why the top catering companies in Boston use this cooking technique to enhance dishes that are already exceptional. Catering-Magazine-Cover Catering-Magazine-SpreadFor more newsworthy food ideas from Boston’s most trusted catering company, contact us online or give us a call at (617) 581-1150.

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  2. This is awesome. I would like to learn more about this technique. I bet it gives food an amazing flavor and I can see how using this cooking method can really help caterers stand out and really become the best catering company in their area. It’s unique and will leave guests coming back for more! Thanks for posting about this 🙂

  3. Awesome blog and i read this blog. i can see and how to smokin in catering services really very effective for my catering business thanks for sharing this blog with us.

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