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BG Events and Catering has created a one-of-a-kind wedding opportunity for Boston couples.  It’s a completely unique take on a wedding registry, and we’re so excited to announce its launch! BG’s Brand New Wedding Registry:  What Is It? Planning the perfect wedding can be overwhelming and costly, and sometimes, couples are forced to choose between items they originally envisioned in their dream wedding. Other times, couples feel it unnecessary to register for items that they already have, leaving their store registries bare and boring. We saw an opportunity to give Boston couples their dream weddings while addressing both of those concerns. After months of planning and preparation, we’re excited to announce a brand new opportunity for BG wedding clients.  We now offer couples the chance to register for elements of their actual wedding celebration! This concept is very unique to the Boston market, and it’s one that we can’t wait for clients to experience.
Wedding Cake
The perfect wedding cake is just one of many BG wedding registry items.
Our wedding registry is comprised of 18 beautiful wedding elements, such as exclusive wedding cakes, chic lounge furniture, specialty cocktails, premium bar service and much more.  Couples can register for wedding elements that they wish to bring to their own wedding ceremonies and celebrations, and guests can choose to make contributions to those special items. Our registry is similar to a standard registry.  The only difference is that guests are contributing to the wedding experience in lieu of a traditional wedding gift, helping the couple realize the perfect wedding.
Signature cocktail drinks
Choose a special signature cocktail to represent your reception!
Guests can enjoy delicious gazpacho before dinner.
Delicious Desserts
Delicious desserts are the perfect ending to your catered reception.
New Wedding Registry:  How Does It Work? When each couple pieces together the special components that make up their dream wedding, our team creates a website specifically designed for each couple.  Wedding guests can sign in to the website and view the items that the bride and groom wish to be included in their wedding celebration.  Such items include personal flowers, chic white bars, upgraded china service, top shelf bar, champagne toast and much, much more.
Flowers for the Bride
Personal flowers for a truly personalized wedding.
Each item is displayed with a contribution number, or the amount needed for the couple and their guests to enjoy that particular feature at the wedding. Guests can choose which item they’d like to contribute to as well as the dollar amount. The couple is notified of each contribution and can track the progress of their dream wedding while guests can also see which items have already been accounted for and which items are still available on the registry. Your Unique Wedding Registry Couples, now you have a way of giving your guests an evening to remember, and an experience you all will never forget.  Your perfect wedding awaits you! Guests, the chance to give your betrothed friends or family members one of the happiest, most perfect memories is right here. Our job is to make your dreams a reality.  With this new registry, we can’t wait to help give brides and grooms a way to experience the wedding of a lifetime.
Upgraded lighting sets the mood
Upgraded lighting sets the mood.
Premium Bar Service
Premium bar service enhances any reception!
Chic Lounge Furniture
Incorporate chic lounge furniture into your wedding atmosphere.


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