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The Cooler Side of Boston Catering

Want to include something cool and unexpected at your next event in Boston? Our interactive liquid nitrogen station may be just what you are looking for. This modern type of food preparation keeps guests engaged as exciting vapor clouds cover and freeze our exquisite appetizers and desserts. interactive liquid nitrogen station From oysters to artisan cheeses, these frozen foods will expand your palate and astonish guests of all ages. You may be wondering how liquid nitrogen works, what foods we freeze or which venues are suited for something so unique. Well, read on to find out.

The Magic Behind Liquid Nitrogen Food Stations

Our chefs love a good challenge. They use science and new preparation techniques to keep our menus innovative and entertaining. The process of freezing with liquid nitrogen is safe, but liquid nitrogen is not readily available to the public. It’s best to leave it to the pros—our chefs are trained in-house to ensure your safety during this sensational culinary demonstration. interactive liquid nitrogen station You may find a deeper appreciation for the unique taste if you understand how freezing with liquid nitrogen works. This rapid freezing process never alters the flavor, texture or nutritional value of the food, and an impressive cloud of smoke appears as the liquid nitrogen evaporates.

Unique Frozen Options at Your Next Boston Event

Our liquid nitrogen stations are perfect for guests who appreciate a little surprise. So make your trendy Boston event even more unforgettable with one of these fascinating delicacies:
  • Oysters: We dress each oyster on the half shell with delicate frozen pearls of horseradish. It’s a nice touch that improves the aesthetic appeal and gives it a unique taste.
  • Cheese: These bites of decadent cheese are perfect for serving at a cocktail party. If you watch closely, you’ll see that guests can actually blow smoke from their noses while they chew!
Unique Frozen Food Options at Your Next Boston Event Tip: Match your favorite wine with our frozen artisan cheeses. Our event planners can help you choose the perfect pairing, and of course, we always have other drink options if your crowd prefers beer or liquor instead.
  • Dessert: The iconic Dippin’ Dots ice cream is similar to what we serve, but our chefs can also set up a selection of ice cream pops or an ice cream sundae bar for an even more memorable experience.
Whichever frozen appetizer or dessert you choose, the enchanting effect of liquid nitrogen will have all of your lucky guests talking about it for weeks.

Impress with Liquid Nitrogen at These Top Boston Venues

We love setting up liquid nitrogen food stations at trendy places downtown. Your guests will never forget the place or the event where they experienced a new, interactive type of food preparation. However, there are so many venues in Boston to choose from. Drawing from our years of experience catering in Boston, we picked two of our favorites that have modern décor suited for the magic of liquid nitrogen stations. 9ofs has an amazing private rooftop that offers stunning views of Boston’s financial district. On a clear night, you and friends can see for miles while sipping cocktails and tasting our frozen delicacies. 9ofs also has a contemporary indoor space that we can really jazz up with dramatic lighting techniques. Frost Ice Loft is another Boston venue where our stations fit right in. Located inside historic Faneuil Hall, it is New England’s only bar designed and furnished entirely with ice. Since the bar maintains a temperature of 21F, serving frozen food at your Frost cocktail party will not seem strange at all! Frost Ice Loft Our event planners can help you pick a theme, décor, menus and an entertainment line-up to match any Boston venue you choose. If you’d like to explore the cooler side of catering, we would love to talk about all the ways we can incorporate our interactive nitrogen stations into your next special event. Please contact us on our website or give us a call at 617-581-1150. More Articles You Might Like:


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