Emily, Walt and a Wedding Registry

Emily and Walt: Décor and Menu Are Musts

When Emily and Walt came to us to plan their wedding catering, they already had a pretty good idea of what they wanted for their dream wedding. Most important parts of the wedding: décor and dinner menu Our team met with them for a tasting, went over custom menu options and finally decided on the perfect menu. We then created the look and style they had envisioned.

Why a BG Wedding Registry

In the midst of all the décor and dinner planning, Emily and Walt identified several things they loved, but couldn't afford. They were justifiably unwilling to compromise on the food and décor. We brought up the idea of the BG wedding registry to help with this concern.
“Ken told us about the registry—Walt and I had both heard of honeymoon registries, but not this—for the reception, this was something neither of us had ever heard about. Walt was convinced, but at first I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure our guests would want to do this, so Ibrought up the idea to my bridesmaids and they LOVED it. Thank goodness.” -Emily
“We already had the kitchen stuff [for our home]. We didn’t need another pan or cutting board. Most of our family had planned to give us money as a wedding gift, presumably to help pay for our wedding anyway. Eventually, we agreed that they would enjoy helping everyone experience these items at our reception.” -Walt
The couple opted to put a handful of reception items on their BG wedding registry so that their family members’ and friends’ gifts would be directly applied to the wedding celebration.

Opening Up a BG Wedding Registry

On their personal registry website, the couple wrote a letter explaining how wonderful the wedding would be. They mentioned that they wanted to be able to share something truly special with everyone at the reception by collaborating on a fairytale experience. The fact that guests could contribute pieces to Emily and Walt’s fondest memory together was enough said for most guests. Emily and Walt’s wedding registry included:
  1. Late night snack
  2. Cordials with coffee
  3. Sorbet pallet cleanser
  4. Specialty cocktail

Wedding Gift from the Bridal Party

A few months before the wedding, Emily and Walt came to us with a request. Emily’s bridesmaids wanted to pool together to rent a photo booth for the reception. It would be their gift to the couple—one that they knew Emily and Walt would love and something that the entire guest list would enjoy.
Within a week, the bridesmaids had gotten the photo booth.
The groomsmen, too, had the perfect gift for the couple, and it was already on the registry: a specialty cocktail made with the groom’s favorite spirit, Jack Daniels. Walt and Emily decided on Jack Juleps.

The Perfect Wedding Reception

All but one item was fully funded as of one month before the wedding, which was our target date for guests to contribute to these items. Emily and Walt’s beautifully decorated and catered wedding event now would also include:
  • Photo booth
  • Specialty cocktail
  • Late night snack
  • Cordials with coffee
  • Champagne toast
“My grandpa actually got us the champagne toast himself. He gave us his blessing at the reception and made a speech and I cried…it was unbelievable and so perfect. I will always remember his toast.” -Emily
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